Friday, February 21, 2014

Chris Sweet Puts His 2014 on "Paper"

Getting ready for 2014!

2014 Rookie Pro Season Goals

#1 Win an Ironman race
#1 Go sub-9 hours at an Ironman race

There's no typo there, these goals are equally important to me. Whenever I have discussed goal setting with athletes I always push for having at least two types of goals: a time goal and a performance goal. Having placed 4th with a 9:22 at Beach to Battleship last fall these goals are certainly ambitious, but not unattainable. Last year my overall focus was not long-course racing, this year it will be. I will have either one or two Iron-distance races on my schedule (see below).  If I go sub-9 at an Ironman and finish 20th I will be perfectly content.  Likewise, if I go to a race with nasty conditions and can pull off an overall win with a mid- to low 9 hour, then I also would be ecstatic. Both of these goals have been on my lifetime bucket list. The sub-9 goal only became more realistic last fall. The easy thing to do here to notch a win would be to just cherry-pick one of the really small iron distance races that don't offer any prize money, but that seems rather unsportsmanlike as a professional. So I am looking at races that offer at least a grand to the winner which will ensure decent competition. How might I pull this off in 2014? Read on.

Tentative 2014 Race Schedule

18-May Memphis in May 5150
31-May Tri Shark Triathlon
14-Jun Rockford Tri
13-Jul Decatur Tri
20-Jul Racine 70.3
01-Aug WIBA Evotri Training Weekend
24-Aug Michigan Titanium Half or Full
25-Oct Beach2Battleship Full

That's my schedule as it now stands. The amount of time and effort it took to arrive at this sequence of races is appalling. First, I needed to compare the list of races I could possibly afford to travel to against our family calendar. Then I needed to make sure that the sequence of races would build me up over the course of the season to peak for my goal races in late summer and fall. I've been a huge supporter of the Rev3 races and all of their midwest venues. Unfortunately for me they pulled the pro field out of the Dells race and Cedar Point hasn't had a pro field in a few years. Rev3 Branson was a stellar venue, but it is now gone completely.

I really, really, wanted to race the new Challenge Atlantic City full in midsummer, but had conflicts with that one. As a pro, I have the option of paying $800 for a yearly pass that would allow me to race as many WTC events as I wanted, but a good part of the motivation for going pro was to reduce the financial burden racing puts on our family.  I love the tough competition of WTC events, but it is highly unlikely that I would bring in any prize money doing their events.  This season, I am targeting a number of independent events that are very-well run, have decent prize money and small pro fields. Hitting the WTC circuit may be my 2015 strategy.....

Monday, February 10, 2014

Three Shots in the Day of...Michelle

Just signed on to Netflix this weekend. How did I survive before without this!?
(Orange is the New Black, awesome!)

My alter bodybuilding ego!

Morning ride before coffee with a friend.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Three Shots in the Day of...Sara

I won a contest and the good people at Salty Running included a special message in my new shoes.
I think they are magic.

This is where the fun happens at 5:15am, complete with stuffed animals and plastic toys.
Curse you, Polar Vortex.

I decided it was time to show Winter how to have fun, so I organized a spin class/happy hour with some friends. Here's me and my good buddy and awesome instructor, Dani. Detox/retox, baby!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Shots in the Day of...Sarah

I don't know why I weigh myself these days. Morbid curiosity, I suppose.

Minnesota has been the coldest place on Earth on several days this winter. That has meant a lot of indoor workouts.

Thank God for the indoor track at my local Y. It has made for some great early morning runs.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Three Shots in the Day of... Stu

When I finally saw the temperature outside of 9 degrees, I was so excited to finally have it warm enough to run.  I will run in much colder but the -40 was a bit too cold even for me.

This was  me with a huge smile!  Can you see it?

My daily runs usually take place in and around the amazing University of Wisconsin!