Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brand New Innovations, Same Speed Domination

Impossible as it may seem, this year Zipp has found a way to be even sleeker, even faster, and even more stylish than in years past. As always, the leaders in speed have been working tirelessly to bring you the latest in cutting-edge design and technology, as well as the most coveted in unsurpassed quality.

From their all-newly-designed color schemes to their new VukaShift wrist saving ergonomics, there's a reason you'll always find Zipp at the head of the pack. That said, get ready to flash those dimples boys and girls, here's just one fine example of the new innovative gear now available for another dominating year:

"At 110g per pair the new Vuka Brake's are the lightest, all carbon plug-in style brakes on the market. The center-pull design routes the brake cables directly into the Vuka Bull and most competing, base bars, increasing aerodynamics and eliminating messy and potentially uncomfortable external cables. The blade-like lever utilizes the same super aero shape, and has the confident stopping feel as our popular VukaAero integrated aerobar system.

The Vuka Brake lever has been fatigue tested to the highest standards, has an internal spring ensuring a snappy return and a superb ergonomic shape, making it comfortable to the hand. Available and shipping within 24 hours."

Check out all the latest in speed and style innovation by downloading Zipp's 2008 catalog here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Give Back and Have a Blast in 2008!

Looking to make a difference in 2008? In less than 24 hours you'll be given the opportunity!

Vision Quest Coaching has proudly partnered with the Illinois Rolling on the River Ride for the Environment, and they, as well as Team Evotri, would like to see you there. Beginning tomorrow, be sure to register to ride with Robbie Ventura along the fully supported 15, 25, 45, 62, or 100-mile course of your choice, listen to live music, and partake in the organic cookout post-event party featuring burgers, brats, hot dogs, greens, and fruits. Bring the whole family and enjoy a weekend of camping, hiking, historical tours and stargazing, as well as other family focused outdoor activities, all the while knowing your participation is making a statement and a difference for the environment. Give back and have a blast in 2008!

Register as an individual or a team, gather up your co-workers and friends, or simply register your family and ride through the beautiful scenic parks on the various routes. Incentives for fundraising also abound, including drawings for free all expense paid vacation getaways to everywhere from posh downtown Chicago to a private villa in Mexico.

Vision Quest coaching will provide a free online training plan to participants as well, so don’t miss out on this family fun make-a-difference weekend. Click here to learn more.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Peek at a Training Week

Katie Bolling and Rural Girl

It's only January, but ever since people shook hands a few weeks ago the team of Vision Quest elite has been pulling out all the stops for Team Evotri.

Rural-Girl's coach, Katie Bolling, is pictured here leveling the field at the competitive Spirit of Racine half-Ironman race, and has already begun molding our small-town girl into a big time threat. Katie has Michelle building up her base by hitting the trainer and the pool on the days she's not out winning snow-shoe races in the frozen farmlands of Wisconsin, and is amped about her fitness this early in the season. Surely shaving an hour or so off of our Rural Girl's Ironman time and securing that coveted Kona slot is well within reach. Let's take a peek at a Kona hopeful's week so far:

"Triathlon training is definitely moving along as I expected. Since beginning my formal training with coach, Katie Bolling of Vision Quest, I have been putting in 12.5 - 13 hour weeks. Right now I am in the "base-building/volume mode" as Katie describes it. This phase will continue through mid March. The focus right now is on steady efforts at 65% of my max, and the purpose is to create a solid foundation upon which to build.

I've been working on long, steady swims with a lot of focus on drills and pulls so far, and have also been focusing on increasing bike strength and core/strength work 2 times a week to help improve my overall performance and stamina. A safe build on longer efforts in running and biking is also in the plan. Katie assures me that "being smart at doing a steady and conservative base-build" will help ensure that I reach my goals! She makes it sound so easy!"
And there you have it, look out Madison! Be sure to check back regularly for periodic updates on Michelle's progress both here and on her blog.

We'll be profiling all the members of Team Evotri and their superstar Vision Quest coaching partners, so stay tuned. Next up we take a peek at one of Chris Sweet's Kona bound weeks!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Chris' Initial Baseline with Robbie Ventura

Chris checks in with Robbie Ventura and crew for some initial baseline action!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We Want YOU in 2008!

Over the course of the week there has been a steady stream of email to the team wondering if we're looking for a long courser, a short courser, someone young or fast, and in fact the answer is yes.

We want all of you.

Anyone is welcome to apply. All ages, all abilities, the only thing we require is that you love this sport and are willing to show it and share it.

Are you brand new to triathlon? Never raced before? Don't even have a bike? We want your video.

Are you a seasoned veteran with multiple Ironman titles under your belt? Been to Kona so many times you've lost count? We want your video.

Everyone has something special to bring to the endurance community. We want you to show us why you've done this everyday for decades, as well as why you want to start waking up at the crack of dawn to find out exactly what this whole thing is all about. We want to hear about how you share that passion with everyone you know, how you'd bag it up and give it away for birthdays if you could, and how the passion of others has inspired you to the point that you can't wait for the day you too can be a vehicle for that radiating enthusiasm.

Sound like you? Now is your chance to tell the world. It's not just about a bike or a set of wheels (though they are hot aren't they!), it's about an opportunity to have a bigger voice and a better ability to not only evolve as an individual, but to help others do the same on a broader scale.

You've felt how great it is to give back and help out, or you've felt an amazing gratitude for those who've helped you and can't wait to do the same for another. Why not do it with the support of a team and a group of sponsors who are passionate about the same thing?

You know you have what it takes to make the team, so click the contest tab at the top of the page to revisit the press release for all the contest details, and get your videos in before February 15!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Power Packed Workout to Start Your Engines!

As we come out of the off season, many of us may find it hard to get back into the swing of things. Fitting structured workouts back into the routine can prove to be just as much of an effort as the workouts themselves, so Angie Sturtevant, Director of Fitness at CycleOps, offers the following power packed hour:

No Time to Train?
Handle the Time Crunch With On/Off the Bike Circuit Training!

"Whether you are cycling for weight-loss, fitness or performance, cycling alone will not completely develop the muscles used while riding. The key fundamentals to success must go beyond simply tossing on riding miles and needs to incorporate cycling specific strength training into your total training program. Not only is strength training important for performance, but it is essential for health and longevity. But many people simply don't have enough time to squeeze all of the training needs in, due to their multiple, parent, spouse, home manager, pet owner, holiday season, multi-sport athlete, etc.

On & Off The Bike Circuit Training is a time-crunch effective approach to put in the training miles and hammer out the strength building reps in one training session. In general, circuit training is a valuable method to develop all around weight management and fitness, while cyclists can reap the additional rewards by incorporating exercises that evoke a significant positive transfer of strength to pedaling performance.

Circuit training sessions are structured as a series cycling intervals in succession with exercises performed off the bike, in between. The benefit is increasing the amount of motor units that fire during a muscle contraction to boost power, strength and muscular endurance, NOT muscle mass. This will improve neurological pathways in the central nervous system that control muscle use, educating muscles that they are building strength to move a bike…..not move a weight. Additional benefits include increasing metabolic rate & energy expenditure, improve mobility and core stability and reduce body fat. Plus, the variety prevents boredom and creates a fun training session, in a short duration of time.

To ensure appropriate training to meet your goals, the exercises selected should be particular to the movements that simulate cycling. Cycling specific exercises followed by cycling itself strengthens neurons, persuading muscles to take those amps of power and brute strength and use it to pedal the bike. This will ensure that your choices count, as you have developed a system based on specificity and the dynamics of the activity. The training transitions to cycling performance.

The optimal off the bike exercise choices would include the squat, leg press, lunge, step up and plyometric jumps. This training can include weights, cables, tubing, stability balls, machines or just your own body weight. If your goal is to develop power, focus on less weight and quick rate of the movement. For muscular endurance goals, use high repetitions. To develop brute strength, utilize hefty loads, moving the weight at a slow rate. Immediately after performing sets of the exercises get on the bike and perform an interval specific to your cycling target goal of strength, pedaling efficiency, high intensity training, boosting threshold or aerobic conditioning. The body then recognizes and retains muscle memory as to why the strength training is being applied, while achieving overall fitness benefits.


* 5:00 On The Bike Warm Up @ 50-60% Threshold Power @ high cadence.

* Off the Bike 1 Legged* Squats 2 Sets of 10 Reps, progressively increasing weight.

* 6:00 On The Bike Tempo @ 90% Threshold Power @ high cadence. Toss the legs easy for 1:00 prior to Tempo effort and 1:00 prior to getting off the bike.

* Off the Bike 1 Legged* Leg Press 2-3 Sets of 10 Reps progressively increasing weight with each set.

* 6:00 On The Bike Tempo @ 90% Threshold Power @ low cadence. Toss the legs easy for 1:00 prior to Tempo effort and 1:00 prior to getting off the bike.

* Off the Bike Step Ups* 2 Sets of 10 Reps progressively increasing hand-held weights with each set.

* 6:00 On The Bike Tempo @ 90% Threshold Power @ 1:00 high cadence and 1:00 low cadence, repeatedly. Toss the legs easy for 1:00 prior to Tempo effort and 1:00 prior to getting off the bike.

* Off the Bike 2 Sets of 1:00 Plyometric Jumps.

* 3-5 x 4:00 On The Bike Criss Cross Threshold @ 1:00s 70% Threshold Power; 2:00 90% Threshold Power; 1:00 above Threshold Power, repeatedly 3-5 times.

* 5:00 On The Bike Cool Down @ 50-60% Threshold Power @ high cadence.

Total training time to perform both strength and cycling = 60:00.

* Develop muscular balance and simulate cycling movement.

On & Off The Bike Circuit Training is an excellent time-crunch way to get both your strength and cycling training accomplished in the same session. There are numerous combinations you can create and incorporate into your program. This technique will assist in losing weight, reducing body fat, boosting fitness and cycling specific strength & power and instill in the body that the strength training is to transfer to cycling performance."

Angie Sturtevant
Specialists in Sports Performance

Article Source

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tyler Stewart Named Rookie of the Year!

Article Source

"A New World Record for Tyler Stewart!

November was a busy month for the members of Team EndurancePTC. It started in the most dramatic fashion as team member, and eCycling instructor, Tyler Stewart recorded the fastest ever female bike split in any Ironman event while racing at Ironman Florida. Her time of 4 hours 47 min over the 112 miles (23+ mph average!) was a full 11 min faster than the course record of 4 hours 59 min, in itself a remarkable performance. We have since learned that it is, in fact, the fastest in any event - ever. As you likely know, a fast bike is not the only part of an Ironman - and Tyler went on to run a 3 hours 12min marathon to finish in 9 hours and 9 minutes. This takes her into a very elite group of triathletes, in her first year as a professional, and was more than enough to qualify her for next year's World Championship Hawaii Ironman.

Tyler has a very busy lifestyle as a business owner. This requires that Tyler's training focus more on quality and efficiency over pure volume. It is amazing to consider that Tyler only gets to ride outside about once per week in the season, and gets all the specificity of her training through the eCycling program. No matter how effective the training, the performance remains outstanding and we want to congratulate her on a very special race. We believe Tyler has much more to offer, as she continues on her rise in the triathlon ranks."

Monday, January 14, 2008

Team Evotri Press Release:

"Making the Team"
January 16, 2008
Madison, WI

In 2007, it began with a vision to take eight people further than they'd ever been with top-notch coaching, industry leading technology, and the finest in precision equipment. Follow along as the former members of team raceAthlete 2007 take things to the next level in 2008. It's a new year and they've evolved into a new team: Team Evotri. Committed to giving back to the endurance community, they once again want you to be part of the journey.

On March 1, 2008, the first of three lucky age-groupers will be asked to join the team. Each will be awarded a prize package from new Team Evotri sponsors: SRAM, and Robbie Ventura’s Vision Quest Coaching, as well as returning sponsors BMC Bicycles, CycleOps Power, Zipp Speed Weaponry and 2XU.

Over the course of the next few months the team will be looking for three people with a certain passion for endurance sport, a certain tirelessness for giving back to the endurance community, and a certain determination to reach new horizons in personal endurance performance. Do you have what it takes to make the team?

Winners can rest assured their performance will undoubtedly be taken to the next level with the following prize package:

Swiss based BMC Bicycles will provide winners with the precision engineered and fiercely designed TT02 Time Machine, the exact bike ridden by Ironman bike course record holder, pro triathlete, Tyler Stewart.

CycleOps Power will provide each winner with a new Fluid2 trainer and a cutting edge wireless PowerTap SL 2.4, which will allow athletes to unlock their potential and monitor their growth throughout the season just like the top pros.

The experienced and passionate team of professionals at Vision Quest Coaching will take members to the next level with a professionally individualized coaching package.

SRAM will outfit the Time Machines with world-class Force drivetrains and brake components, engineered for top performance and efficiency.

Also, Zipp Speed Weaponry will provide 606 wheelsets, cranks and bars for the excellence in endurance sport trifecta.

Wetsuits and race kits provided by 2XU, the industry experts in state-of-the-art style.

Certainly an exciting adventure begins in 2008. Team Evotri and their sponsors invite you to submit your videos for round one of the contest by reading the instructions below. Stay tuned to for forthcoming team information, including how you can compete to make the team in 2008.

TT02 Time Machines provided by BMC, a company driven by style, passion and precision. Innovative design features, rigorous testing, and a vast history of working with the industry's top athletes have set BMC apart from the pack. Visit for their full line of men's and women's road and mountain bikes.

CycleOps Powertaps and trainers are provided by the Madison, Wisconsin-based Saris Cycling Group; makers of industry leading power meters, racks and indoor trainers, as well as home to the top minds in performance science. Visit for an up close and personal education.

Professional coaching provided by Vision Quest: a dynamic, hands on, fully involved coaching program designed to provide direct interaction between the athletes and the coach for triathletes and cyclists. Please find more information on the diverse and flexible programs at

Wheels of Team EvoTri provided by Zipp Speed Weaponry, flawless craftsmanship makes these wheels the industry leader in speed and aerodynamic efficiency. For more information, and for a complete product catalog, visit

Drive and Brake components provided by SRAM, manufacturers of world-class bicycle parts including the new Double Tap & Exact Actuation technologies designed for faster Tri, Road & CX machines. See & learn more at http:/

Cutting-edge and sleek, 2XU will assure teammates maximize their potential with the industry's most revolutionary wetsuits and race kits. Visit for the latest innovations.

Making the Team: 2008 - Round One Contest Guidelines

Endurance sport enthusiasts, do you have what it takes to make the team? Tell us how and why in a video submission no longer than three minutes. Videos will be narrowed down to ten by Team Evotri and their sponsors, and displayed on the team's website ( where they will then be voted upon by the endurance sport community at large for creativity, quality, and how well they address the following questions:

1. How will you benefit the team if you're chosen? What are your personal attributes?

2. How have you, and how do you plan to give back to the endurance sport community? Nothing is too insignificant, list it all.

3. Why tri? Please be as creative as possible in explaining why you are passionate about triathlon and endurance sport?

From the ten, Team Evotri and their sponsors will announce the winner on March 1, 2008 and the winner will be notified.
*Entitle all videos with your name and the subtitle: Making the Team, 2008.

*Upload all videos to You Tube and send the link to by February 15, 2008.

*Videos not within the time constraints will not be viewed or posted on the team website for voting.

*By sending a video link to, candidates grant Team Evotri and their sponsors permission to use said video for promotional purposes affiliated with Team Evotri and the Making the Team: 2008 contest.

*Winners of the team slots forfeit all awards should they be unable to continue as a team member for any reason.

*Winners of the team slots agree to maintain a personal website or blog documenting their training and racing experience for as long as they are members of Team Evotri.

*Winners of the team slots agree to attend the WIBA training weekend in Madison, Wisconsin in June, 2008, and race Steelhead 70.3 in August, 2008.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Gear

The bike Chris McCormack rode to his Ironman World Championships win is none other than the wind tunnel engineered Specialized Transition. The competitive leader in aerodynamics and stiffness, the Transition gets its speed from proprietary features like an incredibly slippery and featherlight Specialized FACT carbon chassis, FACT carbon monocoque fork, completely integrated custom aero brakes, and a two-position Transition carbon seatpost. Team Evotri members will be riding the same frame as many of Specialized's top triathletes and cyclists.

SRAM Components

SRAM is one of the most innovative and quickly growing companies in cycling. In the last few years, SRAM has successfully established itself in the ultra-competitive component market traditionally dominated by Shimano and Campagnolo. Based in Chicago, Illinois SRAM has acquired Rock Shox, Truvativ, Avid, Vision Tech and most recently, Zipp. The addition of these companies gives SRAM an impressive lineup of components, wheels and bars. SRAM provides team EvoTri members with components from its excellent Force group. Reengineered from the ground up, Force components couple innovative designs with high end materials for a light yet durable and precise drive train. Will you make the leap? Check out SRAM’s website:

Zipp VumaQuad Crank

Vuma is a word in multiple African languages, and when translated from Kiswahili, means, "to move fast, have energy, or be spirited", and at 570g (including compact rings spindle and bearings cups), the new VumaQuad takes compact crank design and performance to another level. It is the lightest stiffest and strongest carbon crank on the market, passing the new, far stricter CEN fatigue test at the new standard of 1800 Newtons, while many other brands were simply grandfathered in. 33% stiffer than the next lightest product on the market, the VumaQuad is a 4-arm carbon crank, available with standard and compact chain rings, and has a 30.0mm spindle with 30mm external bearings. Staggeringly, the Q factor is also just mere 146mm.

The standard bearings (grey cups) are USA made with ABEC 5 grade races and Grade 10 steel balls, no less than 2.5 times as round as the rest of the industry, and also available are (gold) ceramic cup upgrades with ABEC 7 grade races and Grade 2 balls.

The spindle, prebonded to the left arm, is aluminum 30mm, with a unique design that allows for weight reduction while retaining structural integrity and durability. The VumaQuad is definitely strong enough for the long haul, and has been fatigue tested beyond 100,000 cycles. It's available in 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mm and 180 mm, and alternative chain rings may be purchased as aftermarket items (53/39 or 50/34). Visit for more information about the hottest crank on the market.

Zipp 606 Wheelset with Saris’s Wireless Power Tap

A match made in heaven: the versatile 606 carbon wheelset from Zipp mated with the monitoring capabilities of the wireless Power Tap from Saris/Cycleops.

The 606 is the best all-condition wheelset from industry-leading wheel manufacturer, Zipp. Consisting of a 404 front and 808 rear this wheelset is equally at home on the Queen K highway or your local sprint triathlon. Dozens of Zipp patents make their wheels the lightest and most aerodynamic on the market. In addition to the wheels, EvoTri members will be outfitted with Zipp Vuka aerobars and Zipp cranks.

Training and racing like the pros requires precise workouts and race day efforts. Team EvoTri’s 606 wheelsets will all be equipped with the top-of-the-line wireless Power Tap from Saris/Cycleops. The wireless Power Tap transmits all your data directly to the head unit without messy wires. All Power Tap hubs measure wattage with an accuracy of +/- 1.5%! PowerAgent software allows you to analyze workout and race data to your heart’s content.

Learn more about Zipp wheels and Power Tap Hubs on their websites:


Welcome to the polls for the Making the Team: 2008 second contest!

After clicking the EVOTE banner below, please enter the URL of the blog you'd like to vote for in the subject line of your email, which will load after a brief moment. Please vote only once, and keep in mind that voting will close on March 21st at 11:59 PM PST.

The three contestants with the most votes received by March 21st will be featured on the Evotri web site, and will be contacted for an interview by the team. One of these three finalists will then be selected as the next fully sponsored member of Team Evotri. Thank you!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ask the Pros!

Submit your training and nutrition questions, or just questions about what it's like to live the life of a pro triathlete by clicking here! Our group of the finest mentors will field your questions once we've collected a few, and we'll post their audio replies in this section. Thanks to those who have submitted questions already, please note we'll be posting your replies soon!

Team Schedule

Team Evotri will be represented in part at the following races. Those with an asterisk (*) are official team events at which Team Evotri will be represented in its entirety.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Team Evotri Mission Statement

The members of Team Evotri will challenge themselves and others to live a healthy and active lifestyle through endurance sports. Given the extraordinary opportunity to train and race with the same equipment and coaching of the pros, they will dedicate themselves to maximizing their potential, to sharing what they learn from their experiences, and to making a positive contribution to the endurance sport community.

Contact the Team:

If you'd like to contact individual members of Team Evotri, please follow the links below:

Simply Stu

Rural Girl





JP "Pooh Bear" Severin

To email the team as a group, please click here.

Meet the Team:

All the information about the team members has moved to a specific page rather than a post. Please view that page to learn more about the Team Evotri members.