Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brand New Innovations, Same Speed Domination

Impossible as it may seem, this year Zipp has found a way to be even sleeker, even faster, and even more stylish than in years past. As always, the leaders in speed have been working tirelessly to bring you the latest in cutting-edge design and technology, as well as the most coveted in unsurpassed quality.

From their all-newly-designed color schemes to their new VukaShift wrist saving ergonomics, there's a reason you'll always find Zipp at the head of the pack. That said, get ready to flash those dimples boys and girls, here's just one fine example of the new innovative gear now available for another dominating year:

"At 110g per pair the new Vuka Brake's are the lightest, all carbon plug-in style brakes on the market. The center-pull design routes the brake cables directly into the Vuka Bull and most competing, base bars, increasing aerodynamics and eliminating messy and potentially uncomfortable external cables. The blade-like lever utilizes the same super aero shape, and has the confident stopping feel as our popular VukaAero integrated aerobar system.

The Vuka Brake lever has been fatigue tested to the highest standards, has an internal spring ensuring a snappy return and a superb ergonomic shape, making it comfortable to the hand. Available and shipping within 24 hours."

Check out all the latest in speed and style innovation by downloading Zipp's 2008 catalog here.