Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tyler Stewart Named Rookie of the Year!

Article Source

"A New World Record for Tyler Stewart!

November was a busy month for the members of Team EndurancePTC. It started in the most dramatic fashion as team member, and eCycling instructor, Tyler Stewart recorded the fastest ever female bike split in any Ironman event while racing at Ironman Florida. Her time of 4 hours 47 min over the 112 miles (23+ mph average!) was a full 11 min faster than the course record of 4 hours 59 min, in itself a remarkable performance. We have since learned that it is, in fact, the fastest in any event - ever. As you likely know, a fast bike is not the only part of an Ironman - and Tyler went on to run a 3 hours 12min marathon to finish in 9 hours and 9 minutes. This takes her into a very elite group of triathletes, in her first year as a professional, and was more than enough to qualify her for next year's World Championship Hawaii Ironman.

Tyler has a very busy lifestyle as a business owner. This requires that Tyler's training focus more on quality and efficiency over pure volume. It is amazing to consider that Tyler only gets to ride outside about once per week in the season, and gets all the specificity of her training through the eCycling program. No matter how effective the training, the performance remains outstanding and we want to congratulate her on a very special race. We believe Tyler has much more to offer, as she continues on her rise in the triathlon ranks."