Monday, February 4, 2008

A Peek at a Training Week

Stan Watkins, Ruben Figures and Chris Sweet

Our friends at Vision Quest knew we had a golden boy heading to Kona this year, and pulled out a few of their big guns to help him along the way. As he slowly returns to nights of uninterrupted sleep, Chris Sweet, his wife Cara, and their new little boy are gearing up for an exciting year to say the least.

Level 3 USA Cycling coach Stan Watkins, along with Power Bar Team Elite member and Kona veteran, Ruben Figueres, will be flanking Chris this year on his road to the big island. Like all the Evotri members and their coaches, this is truly a team within a team.

Ruben, a former member of the Nike Barcelona team with a crushing 1:08 half-mary PR, is overseeing Chris' swimming and running, while cycling guru Stan dials in his speed and power on the bike. With decades of experience between them, here's what the dynamic duo have to say about Chris' training so far:

"We are working on building a good base while maintaining some short intensity efforts to keep Chris's aerobic system in tune, and are being careful to stay away from sustained anerobic efforts. We have merged Chris' Training Peaks plan so we can see how he handled last year's training, observe the progressions, and evaluate both his improvements and any limiters in order to give us a better view of how to design his training leading up to the big goal in Kona. Right now we have Chris spending about 10 hours a week training, and from early indications he is ahead of where he was this time last year".
Ahead of the game even after a winter's worth of sleepless nights?? Clearly, his competition should be nervous. Tune in to Chris' website for more on his training and racing as the season unfolds. Next up on our Evotri/Vision Quest team profile, we take a peek at one of Iron Wil's training weeks.