Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Start Your Engines!

While everyone is fast at work building their sites and writing their posts for the second Making the Team: 2008 contest, the current members of Team Evotri are gearing up for their first meet-up of the season. The place: The Vision Quest Coaching headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

This Thursday, the team will be given the complete range of baseline assessments. They'll meet with their individual coaches as well as with Robbie Ventura to discuss their results, and to touch base on planning for the year ahead. The team is also excited that their newest member, Charlie Parsiola and his wife Lisa, will be able to join the crew for the event! Ace sponsors CycleOps will also be on hand to support them as they officially begin their season.

If you haven't already joined the team as an Evotri Ambassador, please do so now according to the instructions in the post below so that you may be part of the evolution right from the beginning. Photos and media from the trip to Chi-town will be coming soon, and remember, voting for the next fully sponsored team slot begins on March 15th!