Monday, March 10, 2008

Team Evotri Spring Training in Full Swing!

Before the sun came up on March 6th the team was up and moving, ready to kick off their season with baseline fitness assessments at the Vision Quest Coaching headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Some drove a few hours, some flew in the night before, but once inside those doors it was unquestionable that they were a team and that this was the beginning of one incredible a year.

The day began with a warm welcome from the Vision Quest staff, and immediately it was clear why this facility was one of the fastest growing skill shops around. From the state-of-the-art equipment to the vast experience and professionalism of the staff, there was simply no questions in the athletes' minds that that they were in the best hands possible for each of their unique endeavors this year.

Once initial greetings were exchanged among the crew, Rob and Dave of Vision Quest introduced the team to VQ affiliates from the Chicago Blue Dolphins. Swim professional John Fitzpatrick would be assessing the team's swim strokes in the double wide Endless Pool, which was outfitted with cutting edge underwater video recording equipment and a mounted flat screen TV. While the first group hit the bikes with VQ Founder, Robbie Ventura for blood lactate testing, the other half of the team executed their swim sessions and came out armed with new skills and new drills to maximize their efficiency and strength in the water. Their attitudes after the fact were unanimously confident. Look out Lake Michigan, Team Evotri is coming!

After the team's swimming and LT analysis, they hit the floor with Nancy, VQ affiliate and functional assessment extraordinaire. She put the crew through the wringer of grueling strength, flexibility, balance and movement tests, and encouraged them every step of the way. When all was said and done the team sat together and reflected on the simply unmatched, precision machine that was Vision Quest Coaching and their affiliates, and at how each member of the corresponding staff was the embodiment of such.

Thanks to the spot-on scheduling, the team moved through their morning evaluations and were then treated to a round table talk on Power with Robbie Ventura. The experience was intoxicating, and the athletes found themselves gripped by his vast knowledge and magnetic personality. Rachel, CycleOps super star, elite cyclist, and true friend of the team, was also on hand to lend her expertise and support. Between the two, the team felt bulletproof in the knowledge that they had a clear advantage in training and racing with Power.

A big thanks goes out to all the people from VQ, CycleOps, and the Chicago Blue Dolphins who made the team's spring training kick off a huge success! Thanks also to Lisa Parsiola and James Korn for their moral support, and to James as well for the awesome featured photos of the day.

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