Friday, March 21, 2008

Voting Extended!

Here we are at what would be the end of the voting for the second Making the Team: 2008 contest, however, it's come to the team's attention that some of the contestants have run into a few technical issues with the voting link code.

For this reason, these individuals were granted permission to send out emails to their friends and family requesting that they vote instead of having to go through the provided, but defunct, link. As this was an option for those individuals, we want to make sure that the contest is fair for everyone by extending the voting period for another week in order to give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of sending out personal emails.

All current votes will still be counted, and votes will continue to be counted only once. We feel the extended week's voting should level the playing field, as well as give everyone the chance to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Voting will continue through March 28th, 11:59 PM PST. We will feature the top three sites here on, and announce the winner of the contest on Wednesday, April 1, 2008. Thanks to all for participating, and good luck!