Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Congratulations and Welcome!

Once again here we are, how exciting to be at the finish line awarding another team slot for Making the Team: 2008! After many tallied votes, you, the community at large, gave us the top three candidates: Shirley, Sara, and Brian, who were interviewed by the members of Team Evotri in an effort to learn more about their visions for expanding and enriching the endurance sport community.

While all the ideas presented by the three finalists were very good, after much discussion among all the members of Team Evotri, it was unanimous which idea fit best, and which finalist would best further the Team Evotri mission.

Sara with husband, Matt, and brand new son Jackson.

Our congratulations go out to Sara Ziemnik, whom we'd like to welcome aboard as the next member of Team Evotri! Please take a moment and listen for yourselves to her outstanding ideas and feelings regarding focusing on the youth in our communities. What better way to enrich our sport than to plant the seeds for its future! Team Evotri is excited to start working in synergy with both the team sponsors and the endurance sport community to develop and deliver a youth triathlon program.

Once again, a big thanks to all those who participated in both applying and voting for the second Making the Team: 2008 slot. Your efforts have been commendable.

Details regarding the final Making the Team: 2008 position to be announced soon!