Friday, May 16, 2008

Evotri Gets It Done

As you may have noticed we had a little outage here on this past week while switching service providers, but now we're back and would like to bring you up to speed on a few very important performances. Big congrats go out to Evotri Teammates Tri-Cajun and Sweet who hit it out of the park these past few weekends.

Tri-Cajun braved the waves down in Florida for the Gulf Coast Triathlon, making much more than a metaphor out of the term swimming with sharks! Check out the first installment of his eloquent and exciting race report here.

Sweet also delivered at the Multisport Mahem triathlon in Neoga, Illinois, simply demolishing the bike course and claiming the 4th fastest split in town. It's clear the man has his sights focused on the big island this year, adding an impressive 20+ watts to his average power. Check out all the details in his impressive race report now.

Nice work gentlemen!