Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Evotri Events Director Announced

As the 2008 tri season unfolds, we're seeing fantastic progress and even greater potential for the Team Evotri Mission, so much so that we're already looking into planning the 2009 season!

With so much unfolding and so many opportunities on the horizon, it's our pleasure to welcome a new Events Director to the team. Robby B., as many know him, will now be coordinating all Team Evotri events, including working to develop some very special projects for the Team Ambassadors in the near future.

Robby comes to us from Madison, Wisconsin, and if you've ever done the Ironman there, chances are he and his wife Kris have probably stripped for you... as in your wetsuit upon coming out of Lake Monona that is. In edition to being captain of the peeling team, Rob is an accomplished swimmer and triathlete, and by day works as a traffic engineer planning and organizing the greater Madison metropolitan area. We think he has what it takes to do the same for the handful of us. To learn more about the man behind the clipboard and calendar, check out his web site.

Welcome to the team, Robby B.!