Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nutrition Reminders for Steelhead (or Any Like-Distance Endurance Event)

By Tri-Cajun

I've been reading through Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook, Fourth Edition for some pointers for my upcoming race, The Whirlpool Steelhead Triathlon 70.3, which is this Saturday. I came across some good information and wanted to share it.

Fueling Before Exercise

*Fueling before the event actually starts days before the event. Be sure to eat adequate high-carbohydrate meals to fuel your muscles so they'll be ready for action. Snacks eaten only within an hour before exercise primarily maintain your blood sugar and don't significantly replenish glycogen stores.

*Your pre-exercise snack should contain a little protein and a little fat for sustained energy. Try a poached egg on toast, a bagel with peanut butter, or some oatmeal made with low-fat milk.

*Limit high-fat foods right before the event because they take longer to empty from the stomach and may cause nausea.

*Allow adequate time for digestion. You should allow about an hour for a small snack to digest.

*If you know you'll be nervous and unable to tolerate any food before an event, be sure to eat well the day before. Have an extra large bedtime snack in lieu of breakfast.

*Drink plenty of fluids. Drink extra fluids the day before. The goal is to start the event with your body in water balance. Drink two-three glasses of fluid up to two hours before the event (so you can urinate off any excess before starting), and another one-two glasses five to ten minutes before the start.

Fueling During Exercise

*You should aim to consume about 120-240 calories (30 to 60g) of carbohydrate per hour while performing endurance exercise after the first hour.

*During a moderate to hard endurance workout, carbohydrates supply about 50 percent of the energy. As you deplete carbohydrates from muscle glycogen stores, you increasingly rely on blood sugar for energy. By consuming carbohydrates during exercise, your muscles have an added source of fuel.

*The goal of drinking during the event is to prevent excessive dehydration, as defined by more than two percent body weight loss from a water deficit. The recommended fluid replacer contains a little sodium to stimulate thirst, a little potassium to help replace sweat losses, and a little carbohydrate to provide energy.

*You can get a rough estimate of your hourly sweat loss rate by weighing yourself before and after an hour workout. This information would be helpful on race day to give you an idea of how much fluids you need to consume hourly.

*Keep in mind that too much sugar or food taken in at once can slow down the rate at which fluids leave the stomach, thereby delaying the availability of fluids for replacing sweat loss. Be more conservative with sugar-fixes during intense exercise in hot weather.

*Endurance athletes need to make a nutrition plan far in advance of the event and experiment during training to develop a list of several tried-and-true foods that taste good even when you are hot and tired.

Fueling After Exercise

*Muscles break down during a hard workout, but you can stop the breakdown mode by eating as soon as tolerable after the event. You'll be taking advantage of the 45-minute post exercise window of opportunity to optimally nourish, repair, and build muscles. Even as little as 100 calories within an hour of finishing can make a big difference in recovery.

*The recovery diet should include generous amounts of carbohydrates to replace muscles glycogen stores, and a little protein to enhance the process of building and repairing muscles, and reduce muscle soreness.

*A top priority after the event should be to replace the fluids you lost by sweating so that your body can get back into water balance. The goal during the event is to drink on a schedule and lose no more than two percent of your body weight (e.g. three pounds for a 150-pound person).

*Post exercise foods/meals are usually rich in electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, and more than replace electrolytes lost by sweating. Most people can recover with normal meals and plain water. Extreme endurance athletes and athletes who sweat excessively should be sure to sprinkle extra salt on their recovery foods/meals.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Collegiate - Issue No. 1

Team Evotri is proud to bring you the first address of our resident Spartan, JP Severin, in his new column, The Collegiate:

Opening Credits

You may or may not be aware of the largest growing sector of the triathlon community. I guess if I write this column properly and you still don’t know, then I would either be out of touch or a bad writer. Hopefully, I am neither, but I digress. Either way, the college triathlon crowd is one few people get to see, as there are only a scattering of collegiate races. Throughout the coming months, I will be giving you a taste of how exciting, dynamic, and fast these races can be, and I will be sharing news from collegiate racing at large.

However, the college scene is much more that just racing. Most collegiate racers are on their school’s triathlon club. These clubs are like families to the athletes, as Michigan State’s has been to me. Through the coming months I will introduce you to my family, MSU triathlon. I will show you what we do in the community, what we do for fun, and what it is like to race with 20-30 of your best friends screaming like banshees every time they see you no matter how bad they are hurting during the race. At times you may say, “How can this be? This is madness.” No, THIS IS SPARTA!

Opening Scene

The scene is set in Lake Placid, New York, 2008; however, it is anything but Placid. The MSU ritual shout erupts from the crowd.

“Spartans, what is your profession?”

Three staccato bellows answer the question.

“What makes the grass grow green?”


“Who do we hate?”

“Our mothers!”

“What are we going to do?”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

As the Spartans enter the water, prepared to annihilate the Ironman course, the heavens opened up in anger. The storm began. Rain pummeled the racers' bodies and minds for 14 hours straight. Wills were tested and lesser individuals from lesser schools would have broken, but Spartans never surrender.

Nine representatives from Michigan State toed the line. Five were Ironman rookies but you would never know by how they raced. All are Ironmen now despite a combined five flat tires, one broken aerobar, one crash, horrible weather, and an incredibly difficult course.

MSU fans were all over Lake Placid. Cheers were varied and ranged from ‘Sparty on’, ‘Go Green’, to even promises of meeting the racers at East Lansing bars after the race was over. We ran all over God’s green earth, got soaked to the bone, yelled until we were hoarse, and banged empty Heineken bottles when our voices gave out. July 17th was a day that I was proud to be a Spartan.

One special award I would like to give out is the rookie of the year award, and that goes to Kristin Fredericks. While being relatively new to the sport of triathlon, and being introduced by her Ironman veteran husband, Tim, it was a tall order to take on an Ironman. After a blazing swim, she endured three flat tires on the bike course. One of which caused her to wait 45 minutes in the cold, pouring rain for support. It was enough to make anyone abandon, however, showing enormous determination, she made the bike cut by 15 minutes and set out on the run. I ran the last 2.5 miles with her and have never seen such heart. She crushed the hills of the last bit of the run to finish with 15 minutes to spare.

Congratulations to Joel, Tim, Weezy, Noll, Cindy, Kristin, Bogey, Josh, Scottie, and the Fredericks clan on great performances.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congratulations, Triathletes!

Evotri's newly minted youth triathletes showing off their markings just before the horn.

A big congratulations go out to Team Evotri's little sisters, whom, under the guidance of TriSaraTops, completed their very first triathlon just this past weekend!

The Ohio-based high-school girls were recruited as part of Sara's youth initiative, which she began upon being added to the team earlier this spring. Since then, she has been training with the girls each weekend, communicating in email newsletters, and teaching them everything from bricks to mindset. We're very proud of the girls, and of Sara for all their efforts!

Read Sara's entire race report, and see more pictures of the girls tackling the course here.

Once again, congratulations, ladies!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Join Us!

Team Evotri will be heading to the shores of Lake Michigan in just a few weeks to compete in the Steelhead 70.3. If you'd like to be part of the team's pre-race festivities, drop a line to Team at Evotri dot com and let us know you're coming. We'll forward meet-up information as soon as it's confirmed, and keep you in the hook-up loop.

Thanks, and well see you at the beach!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Congratulations, and Welcome!

With the help of Inside Triathlon Magazine, we scoured the nation for the just the right person to round out our 2008 team. It wasn't easy narrowing down so many incredible essays, but dang if one didn't fire to the front of the pack and keep gunning right through the homestretch. With a racing record to match, we're excited to announce that John Paul Severin - a senior Spartan from Michigan State University - is the next and final 2008 Team Evotri edition!

A regular Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen, the team is looking very forward to JP's culinary creations. In fact he'll be sharing regular recipes with the world at large in Tri-This, one of the two new columns coming soon to John Paul will also report the latest happening from the college tri scene, as well as address not only his fellow Spartan triathletes, but clubs from coast to coast in another soon to air column, The Collegiate.

We hope you're able to make it to the Steelhead 70.3 on August 2nd in order to help us officially welcome John Paul to the team, but if you're not, he'll be tackling his first Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin alongside Iron veteran teammate Rural-Girl in just about 7 weeks, so be sure to come out and cheer them both on. In the meantime, have a listen to JPs reaction as he's asked to join the team by clicking here!

Thanks once again to Inside Triathlon Magazine, and to all the incredible athletes who sent in essays. If you'd like to follow along with JP "Pooh Bear" Severin's new journey, you can check in with him at, which will go live in a few days.

Welcome aboard, JP!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Making the Team: 2008 Update

We've received a deluge of fantastic essays for the third and final Making the Team: 2008 slot, and it's been an epic undertaking to narrow it down to our top three applicants. We'd like to extend a big thanks to Inside Triathlon Magazine for their partnership in this search, as well as to all the athletes who took the time and effort to apply.

In a few short days we'll be announcing our final 2008 selection, and extending an official invititation to the big race of '08, The Steelhead 70.3. The after race party on the shores of Lake Michigan will be one for the history books, so if you're in the area be sure to join the members Team Evotri, friends, and sponsors in welcoming aboard our newest recruit!

Stay tuned for information on how you can participate, and of course, for the long awaited announcement of who makes the team.

Monday, July 7, 2008

WIBA: 2008 in Pictures!

Well a fun time was had by all who attended the 3rd annual Wisconsin Brick Adventure in Madison, Wisconsin a few weekends ago, and now the photo gallery is up to illustrate the highlights! Many thanks go out to J. Korn for the photos, as well as for the weekend SAG support.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

TriSaraTops Takes a Spin

By TriSaraTops

Aside from being on cloud nine from receiving my new BMC TT02, I was lucky enough to have this bike fit perfectly by the guys at Spin Bike Shop in Lakewood, Ohio. Spin is an area shop, and is rider-owned and operated, so I knew I was in good hands. Their shop has tons of fantastic gear, awesome rides, tools, clothes, and nutrition--not to mention a wealth of expertise and knowledge in all their mechanics! Greg and John were wonderful to work with and answered all my questions in a simple and easy to understand manner.

John was the one responsible for doing my fitting, and I could tell he had done his homework by all the framed certificates of his training seminars all around the room. He did a range of activities before I even got on the bike so that it would fit perfectly to my body, including flexibility and range of motion tests. He also looked closely at my feet, which, let's just say, have changed dramatically since my son arrived last October! After he added several layers of support and a new insole, I felt like I had a whole new pair of shoes. You know how you never know how old and worn out your running shoes are until you slip on a pair of new ones? Yeah, it was something like that.

Speaking of that feeling, it about sums up how I felt as I sat on my new Time Machine for the first time. I've been riding an entry-level road bike with aerobars I threw on there since I bought it for my first MS 150 back in late 2002. The feel of this new ride is so much sleeker and is such a different position than I'm used to, and John made sure that it was comfortable at every step of the way. He tweaked the pedals, saddle, and aerobars until the angles and measurements were perfectly aligned with my own frame. I've already added a few hundred miles on my TT02, and I feel better and more comfortable than ever!

Thanks so much to Greg, John, and everyone at Spin Bike Shop! If you're in Northeastern Ohio, be sure to check them won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gearing Up for the Tour

It's just a few days away now, and our very own Simply Stu has teamed up with Versus commentator and Vision Quest head coach Robbie Ventura, who will soon be bringing us the inside scoop from France. Have a listen as the preliminaries get underway by clicking here.

Also, be sure to enter to win the weekly Power prizes from Saris/CycleOps, including the first release 2009 PowerTaps and Pro Series trainers! Click here to enter now.