Thursday, July 3, 2008

TriSaraTops Takes a Spin

By TriSaraTops

Aside from being on cloud nine from receiving my new BMC TT02, I was lucky enough to have this bike fit perfectly by the guys at Spin Bike Shop in Lakewood, Ohio. Spin is an area shop, and is rider-owned and operated, so I knew I was in good hands. Their shop has tons of fantastic gear, awesome rides, tools, clothes, and nutrition--not to mention a wealth of expertise and knowledge in all their mechanics! Greg and John were wonderful to work with and answered all my questions in a simple and easy to understand manner.

John was the one responsible for doing my fitting, and I could tell he had done his homework by all the framed certificates of his training seminars all around the room. He did a range of activities before I even got on the bike so that it would fit perfectly to my body, including flexibility and range of motion tests. He also looked closely at my feet, which, let's just say, have changed dramatically since my son arrived last October! After he added several layers of support and a new insole, I felt like I had a whole new pair of shoes. You know how you never know how old and worn out your running shoes are until you slip on a pair of new ones? Yeah, it was something like that.

Speaking of that feeling, it about sums up how I felt as I sat on my new Time Machine for the first time. I've been riding an entry-level road bike with aerobars I threw on there since I bought it for my first MS 150 back in late 2002. The feel of this new ride is so much sleeker and is such a different position than I'm used to, and John made sure that it was comfortable at every step of the way. He tweaked the pedals, saddle, and aerobars until the angles and measurements were perfectly aligned with my own frame. I've already added a few hundred miles on my TT02, and I feel better and more comfortable than ever!

Thanks so much to Greg, John, and everyone at Spin Bike Shop! If you're in Northeastern Ohio, be sure to check them won't be disappointed!