Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Line in '09!

If you were dreading the off season, dread no more. In addition to an expanded line of PowerTaps this fall, which will result in a price range to accommodate both ends of the budget spectrum, CycleOps will be introducing many new members of their industry leading family - one of the greatest innovations being the Powerbeam Pro Trainer.

This new model will actually have a built-in PowerTap, and will self-adjust resistance in order to maintain a prescribed power output. Users will even be able to upload specific workouts in order to precisely dial in training, and with a sustained resistance of more than 1300 watts, it's set to accommodate everyone from Johnny Rookie to Chris Lieto. Also watch for Powerbeam Pro little brothers the JetFluid Pro and the SuperMagneto Pro to take fluid and magnet-based trainers to the next level by offering a more compact, functional design as well as souped-up performance settings.

These trainers, as well as the rest of the new line for '09 will be available in September. Be sure to visit for specific release date and product details, coming soon.