Saturday, September 13, 2008

Congrats Team Evotri!

What a remarkable week of racing by some of our Evotri elite!

As you know, Rural-Girl and JP "Pooh Bear" Severin were on their way to devastating some Verona hills up Madison way for Ironman Wisconsin, 2008 just this past weekend, and they did exactly that. JP went in an Ironman virgin and came out nearly qualifying for KONA - that's right, little brother placed 5th in his age group, making him just two hops away from the big island. Talk about walking onto the field with a mission, well done JP! Be sure to visit his site for his race report and official numbers, and check back here soon for the next installment of his column, The Collegiate.

Rural-Girl beaming with Robbie Ventura at the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin.

Rural-Girl also laid down a gauntlet at the foot of the 140.6 this year, leaving quite the wake in the water, absolutely crushing the bike course and leveling the run field. Three guesses what our princess of pain said immediately after crossing the finish line with an overall Ironman PR of 41 minutes...

"Not good enough, I have to do it again!"

Don't want to meet her in a dark alley folks, she's an animal. Vision Quest's Robbie Ventura was on hand to greet her at the finish line, proud as proud can be. Be sure to visit Rural-Girl's site for her report on the epic day.

And finally, has anyone heard who won the Great Illini Half Ironman? That's right, who won the entire race by about 20 minutes, leaving nothing but air between him and the 2nd place finisher? Well if you guessed the iconic Chris Sweet, you'd be correct. Scorching the bike course with a 23 mph average is just the beginning of the madness - check out his entire race report here.

Congrats once again to all the crew for an impossibly sick weekend of performance!