Saturday, November 15, 2008

Macca Partners with Zipp!

Photo by Jay Prashun

Big news from one of Evotri's stellar sponsors!

ZIPP Speed Weaponry
Speedway, Indiana

"Zipp Speed Weaponry and Scott Fairchild, owner of Fairchild Management Group, announced today a new partnership between World and 11-time Ironman Champion Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack and Zipp Speed Weaponry.

Asked of his new partnership with Zipp Speed Weaponry, McCormack stated, 'To be working with Zipp for the rest of my competitive career is just a blessing. My focus now is about aligning with companies that make the best product. To be working with Zipp is a perfect synergy for myself. The fastest wheel set in the world and the range of products to choose from allows me to focus simply on winning races. I know the product underneath me is the fastest and most reliable in the sport and this gives me peace of mind.'

'Throughout the past twenty years, Zipp Speed Weaponry has developed a rich history and proud tradition in Triathlon, from ITU to Ironman World Championships. Our commitment to technology, innovation and performance has allowed Zipp to have great success with many of the best Triathletes in history. We are proud to add 2-time World Champion Chris McCormack to our team. We feel that Zipp’s commitment to excellence and Macca’s desire to win is a great match.' Brian Gavette – Director of Sales and Marketing.

Zipp Speed Weaponry was founded in 1988 with the sole mission of making athletes faster on their bikes. Over the course of the last twenty years, Zipp has done exactly that, by drawing on its core competencies of design engineering, composites knowledge, and wind tunnel development. It is these competencies that have allowed Zipp to deliver a series of firsts in the cycling industry. From the first carbon disc wheel to the first carbon crank to the first wheel to achieve negative drag in the wind tunnel. These firsts have helped Zipp athletes to become champions in the toughest races in the world, on the fiercest roads in the world, from the cobbled roads of Belgium to the Queen K in Kona."
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