Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sweet for President!

OK, OK... Athlete of the Year.

Worried because you're strung out on CNN and now the election is over? Fear not Politico junkies, we have your civic fix. Our very own Chris Sweet is stepping up to stump for the greater good. Chris, who has just returned from Kona with a blistering sub 10-hour finish has not only been chosen by the endurance powers that be as Athlete of the Month by Chicago Athlete Magazine, but has now also been nominated as candidate for Athlete of the Year!

We caught up with Chris amongst a flurry of reporters, and quote...

"If elected, I will mandate that all employers consider travel to races a regular part of the work week as well as provide all employees who did a morning workout with a nap. Bicyles, wetsuits, running shoes and energy gels will all be tax-deductible. The week before Kona shall be considered a national holiday.

I will mandate that deep-tissue massage be covered by all insurance companies (but not those nancy-pancy spa massages). My alternative energy plan is simple: everyone needs to eat more carbs. My healthcare plan entitled HTFU will save countless billions. Break your arm? Duct tape and R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). Bronchitis? 5X1 mile. Hard."
Such eloquence. Such grace.

Let's get out the vote ladies and gentlemen, click here to view the candidates. Look in the lower right hand corner for Chris, and then also pick a FEMALE for Athlete of the Year (you have to pick a guy and a girl for your vote to count).

Once you've decided, just email with your picks. Please write "Vote 2008" into the subject line of your email as well.

Thanks to one and all who do their athletic civic duty!

Voting Rules: Limit one ballot per person. Each ballot must have one male and one female athlete selected to be counted. Voting ends December 1st.