Friday, July 24, 2009

Save the Date!

Whether you're north or south of the Mason-Dixon line, do we have a few happening places for you to be on August 23rd. For all you Midwestern tri-junkies, check out what Michigan has to offer, as told by the one and only JP "Pooh Bear" Severin:

Hey Midwesterners!

I just wanted to write to alert you of a fledgling race in Traverse City on AUGUST 23. It is called the... wait for it...

It is put on by Endurance Evolutions and more information can be found on

This race offers an unparalleled course through a ridiculously gorgeous part of Traverse City that few get to see. Think vineyards and orchards. It also features a protected swim through bowers harbor, a part of Grand Traverse Bay. You can do the Olympic distance or the sprint distance. They specialize in ensuring a wonderful experience for both seasoned vets and people new to the sport.

The reason I am so excited about this race is because the former MSU triathlon club President, Mr. Eric Tingwall, and my former Spanish teacher, El Senor Joel Gaff, are the race directors. They have serious experience running 3 5k's and about 4-5 triathlons while we were at Michigan State together and both had a huge hand in legitimizing and truly establishing the club.

Eric and Joel. This race will be unbelievable.

Go out and support this race. I promise you won't regret it. These guys have done unbelievable work in the past and this will be no different.

And for all ya'll Southerners, psshhh Ironman-Shmironman... we say you ain't seen nothin til you've tackled the big bad bayou. Cancel all other plans for August 23rd ladies and gentlemen; our very own Tri-Cajun and his lovely Kona Kid bride are putting on what looks to be one of the most exciting races of the season! The Snakebite Supersprint Triathlon is actually geared toward introducing people to the sport of triathlon, all the while providing a completely doable challenge you can be proud of surmounting. Click here to learn more now!

The swim course??

Whew.... the REAL swim course. Click here to see more course photos.

Friday, July 10, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Watch Leah Vande Velde prepare Frank Overton's power recipe from the CycleOps contest mentioned in the post below - congrats, Frank!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

CycleOps Power Food Contest

If you can tear yourselves away from the Tour on television long enough this weekend, be sure to raid your recipe books and put together your favorite power food concoctions. CycleOps Power wants your favorite mojo-making meals and snacks for both training and recovering. Submit your recipe by midnight CDT on July 6th, and Cyclops will submit the top five for careful review by none other than Leah Vande Velde, the culinary expert featured on, and wife of Garmin-Slipstream rider Christian Vande Velde!

On July 10th she'll reveal her top pick via video as she prepares the recipe in their home from Girona, Spain, so get in the kitchen and post your favorite recipe via video, or just step-by-step instructions to the CycleOps Facebook Wall before midnight CDT on July 6th. For more information, and to see world-renowned Sports Physiologist Dr. Alan Lim prepare his power packed "rice cakes," click here now!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cooking with JP!

By JP Severin

In this latest edition of Cooking with Me, I will dissect an interesting variety of pancake. It is called the German Pancake. This recipe will follow a different format. 

Pancakes vs. German Pancakes

Pancakes are delicious but are incredibly easy to O.D. on. Once you reach that breaking point, there's no going back and pancakes will not seem appealing for months. This benefits no one. There are alternatives though and that is what we are going to explore today in the german pancake, the  light und fluffy brethren of the traditional pancake.

"If I have to eat another bite of this maple syrup soaked carpet I'll cry! Help me, JP!!!"

Making pancakes german makes them better.

So easy, you'll think I'm lying and trying to hoodwink/ punk everyone ALA Ashton Kutcher. Trust me I'm not, I hate Ashton Kutcher.

  • Add 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk (any kind), 6 eggs and beat together until it is very smooth.
  • Preheat your oven to 450 and place a 8x8 casserole dish with a bit of butter in it
  • Once butter melts, pour mixture in, pop in the over, and wait for 15 minutes or until it puffs up and is golden brown on the edges
  • Take it out... you're done.
 Take a picture! It lasts longer.

Rachel Ray probably couldn't cook this, as the recipe calls for something other than heating up whatever she has in her trash can, but you definitely can.

Data/ Observations:
Makes about 9 slices.
Exceptionally delicious with lemon juice and powdered sugar. Can also be covered with cinnamon sugar or bake apples producing extreme euphoria.

After analyzing normal pancakes compared with our delicious experimental variable, it is determined that making something german makes it better. German Pancakes are good. Enjoy!

Now here's a workout that will burn the calories I just piled into you...

Bike - 40 minutes of moderate spinning focusing on a smooth pedal stroke. Find a hill or an area you can hammer effectively for 6 minutes and do 3x 6 min as hard as you can with 3 minutes rest in between.

Run - Hop off your bike and jog for 15 minutes then do 5 x 30 sec pick ups for a total of about 25 minutes of running.