Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, there have been some new and exciting developments in the lives of the Team Evotri members ladies and gentlemen, thus the intermittent posts, but it looks like soon we'll be back on track with regular newsletters and site updates. Thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding! For now, we'd like to just briefly highlight a few of the happenings for the team, as well as give you a taste of things to come.

TrisaraTops's youth initiative closed another incredible season this past summer with TST leading the charge for brick workouts, advice, and plain old good examples. We're very proud of our little brothers and sisters, and look forward to spotlighting them individually in the near future. Way to go guys! And a big congrats goes out to our teammie as well, as she and her husband prepare for baby number two this off-season! Congrats, Trisara and Matt!

As a testament to the finely tuned machine that is Chris Sweet, our humble but fierce teammate qualified for the 70.3 World Championships at Steelhead last month, all without really even having the target initially on his 2009 to do list! With a job promotion and a move also under his belt this summer, Sweet is looking forward to some relaxing Cyclocross this fall. Eeesh, who's tired just reading that?

Our maven of all things Madison, RobbyB, also put some marks in his personal record book last month, placing first in his age group in the local aquathon series, as well as hammering out an impressive 1:39 at the inaugural Madison mini-marathon. When he wasn't winning first place or besting his previous PRs, he was busy getting his house (and mind) in order for a bouncing baby "B" later this off-season! Congrats to Robby and his wife, Kris!!

To briefly update, The inaugural Snake Bite Triathlon, directed by our very own Tri-Cajun and his lovely Kona kid bride, Lisa, was a huge success. Many folks who participated had never imagined themselves as triathletes before this community encompassing event, and many have decided to adopt the lifestyle from here on out as a result. Stay tuned for inspiring participant interviews and the official race photo album!

Rural Girl put another HUGE deposit in the Kona bank at Ironman Louisville this past August, missing the big island slot by just over a minute. Always the warrior, our Midwestern girl has resolved, there is no porta-potty for a Kona-bound Ironman. We're SURE this is just the beginning of her newly steeled focus. Details of her incredible day to come!

A big move south of the border was the big ticket on the agenda this past summer for our newest teammate, JP "Pooh Bear" Severin. He's running beaches and riding cloud bound inclines down in the Dominican Republic for a spell. We're all taking bets on what local dish he'll infuse with honey next, and will be first to deliver the recipe in his next Try This, coming soon.

Our fearless leader Simply Ssssssssstu has also been hard at work lately MCing races (Madison Mini, the Chicago 13.1, etc.), as well as setting up interviews with the likes of Hillary Biscay, Chris McDonald, Luke McKenzie and the CycleOPS team! Check back for his always entertaining and informative one-on-ones, plus exciting news from our sponsors, coming soon.

Iron Wil has been juggling plates recently as well with home improvements, adding a new high school soccer coaching gig to her days, and starting her MFA in writing. Add to the soup a whole new approach to training involving a serious kick up in the speed work department this summer, and after just two months she dropped 23 lbs! We're excited to see Iron Wil's debut on the 2010 race scene - look out Rev3 and Grand Rapids!

More details to come as we wrap up the 2009 calendar this fall and start putting things into motion for our best season yet!