Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the Desk of Cub Reporter, JP Severin:

Fireside Chat With Bryan Rhodes!!!

We're here with Bryan Rhodes aka rhodsey, multiple ironman champion, great guy, and avid liver of the good life. I had the pleasure of meeting Rhodsey at a local socal race where I was guiding Aaron Scheidies, blind triathlete extraordinaire. His season was sadly cut short by an injury and he has been rehabbing in New Zealand, and getting ready to drill everyone next year.

JP: Bryan, seemed like you had a solid season going until the injury at Steelhead 70.3. Can you walk us through what exactly happened?

Rhodsey: Yes. It happened when we were running into the water at Steelhead 70.3. I got landed on by one of the other pro men and got me on my ankle as I was going forward with my left leg. He was coming down with his foot. I thought I had a really bad cramp and rolled over did some backstroke to try and loosen up my leg. I was 2nd to last going around the 1st Bouy and then told myself to harden up and get going. I swam through most of the field to stand up in 5th place but then I knew something was really wrong as I went to put weight on my left leg and I couldn't and had to get 5-6 Guys to help me out of the water and up the beach.

JP: How has the recovery been coming?

Rhodsey: The first coule of months were really hard. I was very fit and couldn't do anything. I was in cast for weeks and had to get around on crutches. You realize how hard it is to just do the little things when you're injured.

JP: What have you been doing with the forced downtime due to the injury?

Rhodsey: I sat on the couch and watched every movie I had. I was pretty upset about missing the rest of my race season especially Worlds in Kona! Since getting back into it from the 1st of October I've been carving it up at the pool and been in the Gym working on getting strength in my left leg so not to come back weak. I want to come back a better Triathlete.

JP: Looking at your resume, I notice a domination of Ironman Malaysia with 2 wins and a 2nd place. What is the appeal of that race for you? Why do you keep going back?

Rhodsey: Ironman Malaysia was were I won my 1st Ironman title and it has been hard to win a 3rd title there. I like that it is super hot, sometimes even hotter than Hawaii. When I won the 1st year it was 42.3deg. This is one reason for me going back and that they really take good care of me year after year.

JP: What are the plans for the upcoming year?

Rhodsey: I'm really wanting to mount a good challenge for Ironman NZ next year as I don't want to be a unknown Triathlete in New Zealand, I'm just hoping I'll be 100% but want to be there one way or another. After that, a number of 70.3's and I will focus on Kona as if I don't place top 10 next year, I'll just do other Ironmans I've never done before.

JP: I think it is fair to say you are an IM guy and many people think that IMers have lost their speed. False. I have witnessed first hand the blitzing 5k speed that is Bryan Rhodes. What is your 5k pr?

Rhodsey: We'll I'm not that fast over 5k my PR is 15.45 and 10k 32.10. I wish I could run like sub 30 of 10k as I wouldn't be doing Ironman. I would be trying for the Olympics.

JP: With that 5k speed, you must be doing some seriously intense training. Would you say you favor volume or intensity in training?

Rhodsey: I'm definitely a volume guy as, if I put too much intensity in my training, I get injured. Once I've built a big base I add strength and track workout once a week.

JP: What does a typical training week look like for you?

Rhodsey: Swim 5 times a week = 25k Ride 6 times = 500 -650k Run 6 times = 80k

JP: I know the economy can be a bit rough on athletes, how is sponsorship going for you?

Rhodsey: I'm really lucky to have a good sponsors and they have been with me for Years : Cervelo 12yrs , Blue70 6 years, Clif Bar 6 years, Saucony 12 years, Profile design 8 years, Computrainer 6 years, a couple of new ones... Coffee's of Hawaii where if you go to there website and enter the promo code "RHODSEY" you get 25% off your order. Also Selle Italia saddles came onboard this year and also Shimano.

Now for the lightning round:

Favorite food? Medium rare Steak with chips and a Salard.
Favorite workout? 10 x 400 in the pool.
Favorite triathlon? Escape from Alcatraz
Favorite movie? Lock stock and two smoking barrels, Also Hangover!!!
And finally, and most importantly, favorite beer? Mac's Gold (NZ Beer) MGD in the U.S.A.

JP: Anything else the people should know about The man, The myth, The legend, Bryan Rhodes?

Rhodsey: I race very hard and party just as hard after!!! My website is :