Sunday, March 7, 2010

Evotri: 2010!

Welcome to the new season here on!

We have some big news for the upcoming season and hope you're ready for the ride.

It's been a long winter, and many of us have had plenty going on, garnering congratulations all around. A few of us have recent additions to our families, with both Trisaratops and RobbyB adding a future Kona Kid to their rosters. JP has been our resident world-traveling teacher, enjoying nary a hint of snow down in South America, while Sweet and his wife have launched their coaching company AND have moved into a new house with an attic to rival many a training facility within a several mile radius.

TriCajun and his lovely family just finished the Mardi Gras marathon this past February, landing a Boston spot for both he and his wife, while Simply Stu has been heating up the airwaves with the endurance elite, all the while paving the way for the wickedest Evotri season ever to hit the books. Rural Girl has been snowshoeing her way to that Kona slot all winter long, while Iron Wil has been cleared to jump back in the game after an achilles injury last summer. Suffice it to say, Team Evotri is chomping at the bit for their best season yet!

We have a few surprises for everyone this year - a new sponsor perhaps? Or even a new member of the team?? Stay tuned to for all the exciting news over the weeks to come, and start thinking spring!