Monday, April 19, 2010

Five Tips to Get Up and Get Moving

By: RobbyB

With the birth of our daughter, I knew my training was going to take a back seat to family life, and it did for her first two months; my waistline proved it. Once we settled into a rhythm with her, I was able to get back to training, but I would have to limit my workouts to the morning before work when Elsa would be asleep or feeding. And I'm sure you know that working out in the morning, especially trying to get it in before work, is a drag. Like with all workouts, though, fitting in a morning workout is all about planning. Here are five tips that can help you get out of bed and out the door:

  1. Get in the right mindset the night before.
    This is the biggie. (That's why it's #1.) It's mind over matter here. You've taken the time to schedule your workout. You made the schedule to reach your full potential. You have a personal agreement to with yourself to fulfill that schedule. So follow up on that promise and get yourself committed to the workout before you even go to bed. Think about it while you lay in bed. Use mental imagery to show yourself how you will get up in the morning.

  2. Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room.
    Don't put the temptation to turn off the alarm from the cozy bed right next you. Whether it's a watch, phone or regular clock/radio, put the alarm across the room and make yourself leave your cocoon. But DON'T go back to bed. See #1 to help with this.

  3. Turn on the lights in the bathroom when peeing.
    You usually pee when you wake up, right? Well, now that you've gotten yourself out of the bed and into the bathroom, turn on the lights. It'll shock your system, but you need that to shake the sleep out of your head. (And, if you pee standing up, it helps to see where you're peeing.)

  4. Lay out clothes, bottles, food, etc. ahead of time. Use another room if necessary.
    My breakthrough came when I started using another room. I could turn on the light (see above) and change with out disturbing the baby or my wife. And everyone knows that a happy baby and a happy mother makes for a happy household.

  5. Think about what you will have accomplished before others are even awake.
    There's a lot of satisfaction from knowing that by the time others are waking up, you've swum, biked, or run and bettered yourself as a triathlete. But it won't happen unless you get out of bed and get out there.

  6. BONUS!
    Watch this video and think about it playing on the back of your eyelids when your alarm goes off.