Monday, June 21, 2010

Green Bay Oly!

By Rural Girl

Green Bay Olympic Tri

This race was all about the demons in my head. An exorcism was needed. I have a few things I struggle with; not feeling 'good' enough and not really wanting to push myself into that deep level of pain needed to succeed.

6/6/10 was my day. I decided that I had come to this race to WIN. Not second place. WIN. Last year was second place. This was not LAST year. I had some goals and the biggest one was to keep my head together. Not lose focus. Stay in control. Let no negative thoughts seep into my brain.

I consider the day a success. I did win!! I had to track down one girl on the run to do it. I've never felt like a stalker before. It was like hunting prey. If that's the killer instinct needed to get the job done, I have experienced how addicting it is. I WANT MORE!

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