Monday, August 2, 2010

John Paul Interviews Chris McDonald!

By John Paul Severin

Chris McDonald is a domininant Ironman Champion. He got a late start in triathlon but made up for lost time with major wins at Challenge Wanaka, Ironman Louisville, and Ironman Wisconsin. A podium threat in every race he does, he is setting his sights on Kona this year. Big Sexy on the Big Island. It has a nice ring to it.

JP: First question, where did you get the nickname Big Sexy?

Chris: It all started from getting called Big Fella. Then Brett Sutton gave me the nickname Big Sexy when we were in Leysin in 2008

JP: Being sort of late to the game in triathlon, what did you do to accelerate your development to catch up with the boys who started when they were in the womb?

Chris: I did get a late start for sure . My first tri, I was 24, I really just jumped into the sport head first with a sink or swim attitude. I raced a lot and learned a lot quickly. I also had a great mentor in Scott Molina.

JP: You are a monster on the bike… What do you attribute this to?

Chris: I love to ride my bike! The first couple years of triathlon I did a lot of bike racing which helped . I still race bikes quite a bit in the spring.

JP: Could you suggest a workout for age groupers that you have found particularly helpful?

Chris: As much as it is not nice, I think doing some very focused intervals on the trainer is invaluable.

JP: What did you work on last off season to step your game up?

Chris: To be honest I spent the whole of last off season trying to figure out an injury I had been racing on for 12 months

JP: What is your plan for the back half of the season?

Chris: I will be racing next at Challenge Copenhagen in Denmark, then the next big race is Hawaii.

JP: If you could chose to win something other than a triathlon what would it be and why?

Chris: An arm wrestle against my wife….cause I would like to be the man of the house!

JP: How are things in terms of sponsorship in this frigid witch of an economy?

Chris: Things are not too bad . I have some great sponsors that have looked after me well over the years , I like to have long term relationships with the people and the companies so you can really help each other grow over the long term.

Lightning round:

Favorite Meal? burger and fries

Who do you not want to see on the starting line if you had to pick someone? Anyone who has a reputation for drafting . I HATE! people who cheat.

Favorite American City?
Boulder, CO

Win Kona or win 20 Ironmans? Kona, hands down!

Hills or Wind? Wind and rolling hills ;) nothing beats a howling cross wind!

JP: Thanks SO MUCH for the time, Mr. Sexy. Last question, can you give three tips for the age groupers out there?

Chris: Consistency is the key! Create a great support structure to help you to your goals and
learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.