Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evotri Announces 2011 Team Race

Evotri is excited to announce that the team will compete in next year's Life Time Fitness Triathlon tentatively scheduled for July 9, 2011 in the beautiful Lake Nokomis of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Local teammate Sarah (aka Pharmie) is excited to have the team race what was her first triathlon ever, "It's such a great event for both new triathletes and challenging enough for experienced triathletes. I'm looking forward to having the team enjoy all that the Twin Cities has to offer."

The Olympic distance race offers a time trial start for the over 3,500 age group atheletes and a significant purse for the professional triathletes competing in the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Series Race to the Toyota Cup.

Several Evotri team members have started to talk trash, providing much needed motivation for each other to focus on their winter training. The entire team laughed when Stu proclaimed, "I have never been so excited to pound Michelle and RobbyB into the ground in MN!!!!!" Either way, the team is looking forward getting together for some exiting racing and camaraderie.