Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Pooh Interviews Pip!

By: John Paul Severin

Pip Taylor is a professional triathlete based out of the US and Australia. She can tear up everything from ITU to non drafting Olympics (win at Memphis in May) and 70.3's, with multiple podiums and a win at Vineman. She is also a nutritionist and contributor to triathlete magazine. Let's see what she has been up to...

JP: Pip, Thanks so much for taking the time. First question, how did you get into triathlon?

Pip: Basically I came to the end of High School and was a little tired of just swimming as a sport and wanted a new challenge. I had also competed in athletics as a junior and after undergoing Talent Identification testing Triathlon seemed like an attractive option! Within 6 months I was racing professionally – so it was very much initiation by fire.

JP: I know you split time between Australia and the US. Where are you based in AUS? US?

Pip: I live in Lennox Head, a small surfing community on the East Coast of Australia and in Lawrence Kansas over the US season.

JP: Which is better and why?

Pip: Both are great places and I enjoy differing aspects of each. One thing they have in common is that they are both relatively small and have a strong community feel and love of sport.

JP: Shifting gears to training, what would be your ideal training day? Walk us through morning to night.

Pip: Training as hard as I can till I fall over and sleep all night!

JP: If you could be a one sport athlete, which would you chose?

Pip: Running – travelling without a bike and not having to get wet on cold days would be great!

JP: Best thing about triathlon?

Pip: Variety of training, the challenge of combining three sports and being able to compete in some amazing countries and towns.

JP: Worst?

Pip: Easy – traveling with a bike.

JP: I love seeing your uni’s because you always have amazing customized kit. Who designs your racing stuff? (check out for pictures)

Pip: I am very happy to be working with AB Pro ( - we are working from scratch to design and build a high performance triathlon line with the big advantage being 1 piece minimum orders. This means that everyone can get some really cool and individual kit for themselves every season! I also work with Kristin Mayer of Brand Betty ( designs who pieces everything together graphically.

JP: As a nutritionist, what is something that the average person doesn’t do in their diet that they should start immediately doing?

Pip: Have variety in your diet and eat real foods that don’t come from a packet.

Lightning round:

Food you can’t live without? Fruit!

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Favorite candy? Swiss or Belgium Chocolate

Long run or intervals? Long Sunday morning trail run followed by the coffee shop is always high on the list.

Twilight question: Team Edward or Team Jacob? How about I didn’t have a clue what you were asking without Google! Ummmm…..neither.

JP: I'll take that as a "Team Jacob." Thanks SO MUCH for the time, Pip. Last question, can you give three nutrition tips for the age groupers out there?

1. Don’t over think it, but do take responsibility
2. Get back to basics – real, fresh food
3. Match your caloric needs to training

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