Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rev3 Is the Place to Be!

Well, the gang's all here in Sandusky, Ohio - the buoys are out, the chop is wild, and the coasters are high!

From the top of the sky wheel, the cold rainstorm looks far, far away, but it was only a few short hours before the rain really started coming down just like it did about this time of year in Madison, Wisconsin, 2006. Needless to say, this gave quite a chill to several members of Team Evotri, who raced or crewed Ironman that fateful day.

It's definitely about time to hit the sack for now, but be sure to tap into the live race feed from Sunday morning to cheer on the team!

Pharmie, Robby B., Rural Girl, Sweet, and Iron Wil chill -- literally -- outside of transition as the sun comes up over the water today.