Sunday, September 18, 2011

Charlie's CD0.1 Maiden Voyage

Here's Charlie's report on his CD0.1's maiden voyage:

I just took my maiden voyage on my incredible new Quintana Roo CD0.1. Wow – what a ride!

Living in a small town in Louisiana, I had to bring it to a bike shop out of town to have it all assembled. Good thing I had some paper towels with me – I had to clean so much drool off of it from every roadie and triathlete in the shop!

I got it home and took it for a short 30 minute ride to feel it out. What a smooth, fast, clean ride! Looking down at the frame as I rode, I could see how the frame design shifts airflow away from the drivetrain side of the bike to the “clean” side, reducing air resistance. With this and so many other innovative features, I can see why QR is making so much hype in the tri community.

I still have a few final adjustments to make. I have to move my seat forward a little, cut the stem once I’m sure I’m comfortable with my aerobar height, etc. But man am I excited about getting it out for a longer ride with some friends, especially with the weather starting to cool down!

This bike is sick! I just keep looking at it…