Thursday, September 8, 2011

JP Gets His QR bike

Here's JP's update on getting his Quintana Roo bike and how he fared during it's maiden race.

I heard the news of our new sponsor and fell out of my chair.  I have been a QR fan since I bought my first tri bike, a Quintana Roo Caliente.  I broke 1 hour for a 40k for the first time on that bike so it was dear to my heart.  It was my first foray into FAST bikes and going back to a QR was something I was down with in a major way. 

I took a look at the CD0.1 with my fitter, Phil Casanta of Hypercat racing, and sadly enough, the geometry just wouldn't work with my ridiculously long legs and tiny torso.  The engineering behind the CD0.1 is a revolution and driving wind to the clean side of the bike is the future...but alas, it was not meant for me. I will get into the fitting more later.  I talked to Heather and Mac at QR and we agreed that the Seduza/Lucero frame geometry would fit me like a glove.  That's a great thing about the QRoo fleet... the bike geometries span the gamut of body types.  It is pretty much a done deal that one of their bikes will be perfectly suited to you.

The Seduza arrived, tricked out with SRAM red parts thanks to Hub Endurance.  The Zipp 808 Firecrest and Super9 disc completed the INSANE build.  I got the thing ready to race literally 8 hours before breaking it in at the Santa Barbara triathlon.  I constantly preach not to pull stunts like this in races...never change anything the day of a race.  But I was super confident in Phil, the bike, and the fit we got that I figured it would be okay. As always, my large brain was dead on.

I hopped out of the water after a quick dip and blasted out onto the bike course.  First impression was like I was riding with a motor.  This thing literally sailed up the road.   The wheel combo is nuts. The frame is super responsive and the handling was spot on for the hairy descents that littered the course.  The climbing was startling.  The weight of the frame with the virtually nonexistent weight of the SRAM RED  components and Zipp wheels made climbing feel like flat riding.  The flats were the best part though... I need to get a 54/42 TT crank to keep up with this thing.  I was running out of gears on the flats!

Despite being cautious on the technical sections and losing 2 minutes on a wrong turn on the course (stupid mistakes), I still had the 4th fastest bike split!  It was ridiculous how easy it was on this bike... It is almost unfair. 

I have NEVER been so impressed by a bike and I loved my P2.  The bottom line is I feel like no one has an advantage over me out on the race course when I am on the Quintana Roo Seduza. I'm in love.