Monday, September 5, 2011


Michelle brings us insight on what she does during those final days leading to an Ironman.

I've been searching for the right word to describe what the 1-2 weeks before an Ironman feel like. I think I've come up with it. NESTING! I realize it's the same word often used by pregnant women in their final weeks before delivery but it's kind of the same. In fact, I've made the recent self-reflection that the whole process of Ironman is KIND OF like pregnancy. All tongue in cheek, of course!

Just like gestation, the preparation for an Ironman takes MONTHS. Months of planning. Months of training. Months of thinking. A lot of time is spent daydreaming over what it will actually be like or how I would like it to be. Finally, by the time the big show rolls around I am so sick of it all that I just want to get on with it and be done.

The training can be exhausting. As I come to the completion of my big block of long rides and runs, I'm shot. A lot like being pregnant. I remember on both fronts how hard it was at times just to get off the couch.

Then there's nutrition. With Ironman training I often feel like I could eat and eat and eat. Don't put that WHOLE pizza in front of me or it WILL be gone! The battle in my head is constant. Even though I'm training hard, I can't indiscriminately eat. It's not good for me or my long-term goals.

So, now I come to the end of the line. Less than one week to go before delivery. The good thing is I KNOW when this baby will come! 9/11/11. My taper is in full swing. Training volume is way down and that frees up more time for other things.

I find myself getting my 'house in order'. Yes, literally my house. Stuff like washing couch cushions, organizing piles of crap that have gotten out of control, cleaning quilts, adding potting soil to my plants...good times! I've tried out a few new healthy meal recipes (kids are not so fond of that!) I'm also reconnecting with my girls and husband because, to be honest, when your weekends are tied up with hours of training or racing it's hard to stay in the loop.

I'm also getting my mental 'house in order'. LISTS! I'm a lister. I've got lists for lists. Reminders of things I need to pick up at the store before I leave. People I've got to call or email in the next few days. Then there's the race plan (like the birth plan, HA!). Which is basically another list citing what I will do here, when, and why. Lastly, I'm shoring up my mental fortress; affirming to myself that I've done what needs to be done and what can be done to assure myself success come race day. NESTING...I think that word sums it up perfectly.

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