Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sarah's CD0.1 Maiden Voyage

Sarah (Pharmie) takes us through her thoughts on her maiden voyage of her new Quintana Roo CD0.1

Two weeks ago, I decided it was time. I had this sweet new ride calling my name, and I was SO eager to take it out, despite a little apprehension being 11 weeks postpartum. I dug through my drawer to find a pair of bike shorts that fit me, handed Henry off to Steve, and set out for a quick spin to try everything out. I hadn't been on a bike since May and haven't been able to ride outdoors since mid-October last year. Henry and I posed for this pic before I set out:

Henry likes the new ride. Mama likes it more!

It. Was. Glorious.

I only went for 15 miles or so, but I felt great. This bike is crazy fast, and though I was a little nervous that it would take a lot of time to get to know my R2C shifters, it seemed to click pretty fast. My average wasn't spectacular, but given my time away from the bike, it really wasn't that bad, especially considering the number of stop signs I hit.

I felt like me again riding. Although my running is progressing, my times aren't really coming down. I still feel slow and heavy, but on my bike, I felt like an athlete, like a person, not just a mommy milk machine.

I got home with a big smile on my face, and Steve snapped this photo:

Home after a quick fun ride.

I squeezed in another ride a couple of days later. Same thing. I felt great, and with that, I signed up for my first and only tri of the season - the St. Croix Valley Sprint Tri. The bike leg of my tri was only 10 miles, but most of it was one big hill with 7+ percent grade in parts. Having been on my bike only 3 times prior to the race, I was anxious to see what I would do. It was TOUGH, and I’ll be honest, I thought I was going to lose my Gu by the time I got to the turnaround point, but I had so much fun. I can’t wait to see where this bike will take me next year!