Tuesday, October 18, 2011

JP's Ironman World Championship Race Report

JP just published his Ironman World Championship race report in three parts. Like any full distance event, there are good times and there are bad. Here's a snippet of the second post to give you a taste of JP's day:

I moved off the bike feeling fresh in the legs but rotten in general. I couldn’t figure it out. The pace out onto the run was slower than normal but I still ticked off a 7:30 first mile. The second mile was completely torpedoed and I staggered to a stop. I was like a beater car, dying on the side of the road. I saw my Dad and said, “I am completely fried. I'm overcooked.” He said it would come around, but I was convinced it was over. It was the first time in a race where I nearly pulled the plug. I had concrete thoughts of the dreaded letters DNF. For those of you not of the triathlete persuasion, this is the abbreviation for “did not finish” and is a source of incredible shame for us. I prayed again for anything.
Make sure you read all three entries: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 to find out how his day turns out.