Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Michelle's Marathon Mania

Michelle provides us some perspective on her upcoming marathon this weekend on Las Vegas. And don't forget to review the guidelines to be a part of Team Evotri.

The time has arrived, my friends.

Marathon Mania! Las Vegas 12/4/11.

Ever since I signed up for this race (I think in the spring of 2011) I have been excited and anxiously awaiting my chance to RUN. In an open marathon. No swimming or biking. Just RUN. It's been many years since I did a stand-alone marathon. And I want to give it my all. And I want to do well. And I want to push myself.

And.....WHY am I so nervous?

Because it's going to REALLY hurt.
Because it's kind of UNCHARTED territory.
Because I don't want to FAIL.
Because I've packed on a few POUNDS of holiday turkey.
Because, lastly, it would be so much easier to say, 'Ah, just have FUN. Take it easy and enjoy the race.'

But, the trouble is, I'm not wired that way...AT ALL!

So here we go.....the GOAL. I am probably utterly stupid for putting this out there all the time. But some indescribable thing inside me compels me to do so. If I flop, I flop. I'm human and stuff does NOT always go as planned. But writing my goal makes it seem more real.


That's an 8:00 min/mile pace. I feel like that is totally and completely frickin' insane. But, I've done those silly race calculators and plugged in my numbers from past races. And the things tell me this is doable. Others actually even say 3:25. More importantly, coach thinks it's doable too. 3:30 is 24 minutes faster than my fastest IM marathon time of 3:54. On paper, that sounds okay, but in real life...that scares me!

The race plan is pretty simple actually. Don't fret! Get in with the 3:30 pace group and stay there. No over-running the first 13 miles. Relish in the fact that I'll be running in shorts and sleeveless shirt. Temps in the 50's. No hat, 2 pairs of mittens, insulated pants and 3 shirts like I'm doing now. Heck there's the 2 pounds of holiday turkey weight gone right there. Bonus! I KNOW that I will feel downright nasty over the last 6 miles, but I've just got to GUT IT OUT.

So I'm shoring up the mental fortress. Telling myself all the reasons why this will go as planned. Convincing myself to put behind me those concerns about fear and failure. Yes, it's going to hurt like a SOB. Yes, I can't predict much. But my coach said the funniest thing to me (in a weird, twisted way only we endurance geeks get)......"you can do anything for 3:xx hours."

Just remember that..."you can do ANYTHING for 3:xx hours."