Monday, December 19, 2011

Evotri Origins

As 2011 comes to a close, you may reflect on the year gone by and prepare for 2012 through resolutions or commitments. Here at Team Evotri, as we prepare to welcome a new team member in 2012, we went deep into to the way-back machine to reflect on where we each of started in triathlon.

Whether it started from combining several sports into one, desiring to beat your faster, younger sister, drawing inspiration from a local race, finding a desire to compete again, watching Ironman finishers, raising money for cancer research, experiencing a mid-life crisis, or a chance lottery win, the inspiration that triggered our entry into the sport is no different from many others out there.

We've gathered our triathlon origin stories into one page and hope that it provides some inspiration if you're thinking about submitting an application. Even if you aren't applying, enjoy the look back. And, if you feel inspired to write your own, feel free to post a link on our Facebook page. We'd love to read it.