Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sara's Polar Plunge

Sara gives us a whole new take on a non-wetsuit swim:

What better way to start of 2012 then to go to the beach for our Cleveland Triathlon Club Polar Plunge. Boo-yah!

It was a BALMY 48 degrees, and man, did we luck out because today a huge cold front and snow came through.  I decided that I was going to HTFU and go all the way under this year!  I mean, the Mayans said the world will end in December so I may not have another chance to do it, right?  Gotta live it up while I can! (Ha!)

It looks like I'm deep in thought here..."Why do I do this every year?"

Now it looks like Jen and I are really questioning our sanity
There were TONS of my tri-buddies and it was super fun.  And yes, I did go all the way under.  And then I yelled some bad words, but it was out in the Lake so I doubt the cameras picked it up. Sorry kids.
Freezing my you-know-what-off
Jen and I did dolphin dives and lived to tell the tale!

Apparently I was on the news on two different channels, but all I found was this one!  I give Jen a high-five and TriEric makes a cameo at the end with his blowhorn. Plus, you can see newlyweds Kim and Tim who got married New Year's Eve.  Now THAT'S Polar Plunge dedication!

Happy New Year to you!