Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stu chats with Professional Cyclist Levi Leipheimer

Stu recently got to interviews American Professional cyclist Levi Leipheimer. Levi is a veteran to racing, but a newcomer to Team Omega Pharma® – Quick-Step®. With Stu, he discussed the dynamics of joining a new team and how to set the right tone for the season:

"It’s a big team… I still need to get to know a lot of them. A guy like Tom Boonen, he’s very friendly. He’s easy going and I know a lot of the younger guys look up to him, and he sets a good example for them. I think guys like myself and Tony Martin, we set an example of hard work and attention to detail that we both bring. There’s a lot of different personalities on the team, and the goal is to try to get everyone to work together for the best possible result for the team."