Monday, February 6, 2012

Team Evotri Pump Up Songs

The team got to talking the other night about some songs they use to get themselves pumped up for a race, or challenging workouts. After a bit of back and forth, everyone agreed to submit their songs that pumps them up. Here's the responses. (Where possible, links are to the song's videos.)

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Sara (aka Arcs Doggy Dogg)
I'm a big fan of anything loud and vulgar with a beat, but "Til I Collapse" by Eminem. is probably my latest go-to song. I listened to it right before I PR'd in the 5K this past December.

The other one that always gives me goosebumps is "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim, because it will always remind me of the 3 minutes I spent treading water in Lake Monona before Ironman Wisconsin. It was the last song they played before the cannon went off. No matter what I'm doing, I pick up the pace when I hear this song. That includes folding laundry.

Arcs Doggy Dogg (that was actually my secret rap-star name from back in the day when I used to spit mad rhymes...and I'm not even kidding)

I always do tempo runs and speed work to Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "Welcome To The Pleasuredome". Very different type of music, but love the songs Two Tribes, and WAR. (This is not a political statement by me, you will know what I mean if you listen to the CD). Also love the song "Stagefright" by Def Leppard. The one song that I run the fastest to - "In Fate's Hands" by The Red Jumpsuit! A head-banging-song for sure!

As to the pump-up I said, 'whatever happens to be on the radio at the time.' But obviously, not NPR. I'm not THAT bad!! Just remember, I'm a simple girl. I don't need anything all fancy-pants (like Stu) to get me going. Mental imagery works very well for me!!!

When it comes to racing triathlons (as opposed to training for them) I'm going to suggest that the last thing you want is a traditional adrenaline-laden pump-up song. Even a sprint triathlon takes over an hour and any possible boost from adrenaline will only last for a few minutes, tops. I see more races derailed by starting out too fast than any other factor. My teammies were knocking Enya, but I think her music has been part of the loudspeaker pre-race music at every Ironman that I've done including Kona. For my pre-race songs I am looking for something that helps remind me of my deeper motivations for racing. I have two suggestions for the unenlightened triathlon masses! First, Van Halen's "Right Now.") If you don't know the song, your life thus far has been a meaningless and empty shell, kind of like Neo's before he took the red pill. These guys are modern day philosophers I tell you, check the lyrics. To appease JP's need for obscenity, the song comes from Van Halen's classic "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge." You, dear readers, can work out the acronym on your own!

To delve even deeper into the philosophical side of pre-race song lyrics, I return year after year to a single phrase from the song "I Alone" by Live. The phrase is "It is easier not to be great." To me this embodies the athletic endeavor. It is easier to sleep in on a Saturday morning than go for a long run. It is easier to let that guy or girl go by you than it is to stick with them. Its easier to set reasonable goals for yourself than it is to dream big and live/race to your full potential. It is easier not to be great. Be great.

My pump up song is "Waledance" by Wale. This song is ridiculous. Justice beat with the best rapper in the world. Also consider "Strange Clouds" by B.O.B.It's got a huge beat. It doesn't really matter what song it is as long as it's fast, loaded with obscenities, and arrogant.

So my pre-race pump me up song is still "Zombie" by the Cranberries, despite my team's suggestion that I might as well be listening to Enya. A Zombie is usually what I am race morning, so I appreciate the slow start, but I I do like the guitar at the beginning. I usually blast the "IN YOUR HEAD, IN YOUR HE-AD!" part. It helps me wake up and helps me focus.

If I need music to get me through a workout, it's usually just in the dead of winter with a -30 windchill through 6 inches of snow. Then I listen to Breaking Benjamin, the Killers, and Kings of Leon.

I'm kinda like Michelle - don't really look to it for a source of motivation. I find that when I really need to focus, music is distracting. But when I don't have to pay attention like on long runs I like country or chillin' - Zac Brown, Jack Johnson, etc.

My pump up songs take me back long long ago (about 6 years back in my college spring break days days) some techno, give you a short list:

I don't listen to music to purposefully pump me. But, the first three songs from U2's The Joshua Tree will always get me revved up. It starts with the long crescendo as the intro to "Where the Streets Have No Name" builds, and carries across to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For". Then comes "With or Without You". By this time, I've got whatever stereo I'm listening to turned up way too high. If I'm in the car and it's nice out, all the windows down and my hands are beating the steering wheel and dashboard like it was my own drum set. And there's usually tears streaming down my face for reasons I won't get into here. By the time the long outro to With or Without You is underway, if I wasn't strapped down by a seat belt, I'd be hauling ass across some finish line somewhere.