Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Camp Evotri 2012 - Day 3

There's the plan. And then there's reality. The plan was wake up early, get a trail run in, and then a quick ride up another mountain and back to the house to pack up and go home. Again, that was the plan.

The trail run went well. Everyone woke up, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and ready for our HUB Endurance hosts, Andy, Anthony, and David to take us to the Cumberland Trail State Park. Up and down, in and out, over the hills and through the woods the trail wound. Everyone came home with rave reviews and a definite "must do again" attitude.

Team Evotri and HUB Endurance ready to run.
(L-R: Anthony, Chris, Michelle, Stu, JP, Matt, Andy, David)
After the run, everyone ravenously enjoyed fresh pancakes and eggs, with some left over burgers, ham and cheese mixed in. A quick change and dip in the river for some, and onto the bikes for a quick up and down, be-back-in-two-hours kind of ride.

Ready to ride
Stu and Rob stayed behind to clean up the place and make sure that everything was good to go when everyone returned. After taking a bag of garbage to the dumpster, Rob got quite an evil eye from a woman who appeared to be cleaning the adjacent house. He went into the house and asked, "Stu, what time were we supposed to be out of here?" Just then the phone rang.

"10 AM, apparently." (It was now 11:30.) "And the next people are going to be here at 3 PM."

So everyone's things got thrown into their bags and piled up out of the house while Rob and Stu waited. Two hours came and went. Nothing. Finally a phone call letting us know that Anthony spilled over a guard rail on the descent. The initial report was broken arm, clavicle, leg and possible internal bleeding. The cleaning staff understood our delay. (Kind of.)

Eventually everyone else made it home safe. (We later found out that Anthony got a clean bill of health and all those broken bones were not broken at all!) After some quick changes and resorting of bags and it was time to say good-bye -- but not before making promises to return in 2013.

Team Evotri extends a huge thanks to everyone that helped make the Camp Evotri 2012 a success:
  • Heather, Brad and everyone at Quintana Roo for showing us the place, the great lunch ride, photo session, and tech talk. We are excited, honored and proud to represent such an outstanding organization.
  • Andy & Jamie at HUB Endurance for the classy happy hour, bike support, and guiding the team along the rides, runs and hotspots all weekend. Everyone, please consider reaching out to HUB for anything you might need, they won't disappoint.
  • And finally, Chattanooga exceeded expectations from being Outside Magazine's Reader's Choice for Best Town. Consider it as a base for your next adventure.
See you again for Camp Evotri 2013!