Tuesday, May 15, 2012

C Different with Aaron

If you've noticed in Team Evotri's schedule of races, there are several that include "Guide Aaron Scheidies." Aaron is a professional triathlete that competes at world-class levels with a hereditary eye condition that currently leaves him with 20% of normal vision. He's competed in over 200 races around the world and has held world records for the 70.3 and Olympic distances. He's even been nominated for an ESPY.

Team Evotri's Matt Inch and JP Severin were teammates of Aaron's at Michigan State and continue to compete with him. Between JP & Matt, Team Evotri will be racing with Aaron five times this season!

JP recently guided Aaron on the sprint distance course at the ITU San Diego this past weekend. See the video below for the highlights and check out Aaron at http://cdifferentwithaaron.com