Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zipp Introduces the Vuka Alumina Aero Cockpit

Zipp’s new Vuka Alumina aero-bar system provides triathletes and time trialists with a lightweight, highly adjustable aluminum aero cockpit at an affordable price. Created using data from top bike fitters, the Vuka Alumina aero-bar system is comprised of multiple pieces -- each designed to maximize aerodynamics and fit options with a whopping 596 mm of total adjustability. That’s almost two feet of tweaking to find your aero-sweet spot.

The aero-cockpit starts with the Vuka Alumina base bar(MSRP $80, €56). Crafted from 6066 series aluminum, it is modeled after Zipp’s revolutionary carbon VukaBull base bar to have superior aerodynamics and ergonomics. Clean internal cable routing allows for easy installation. Handgrips are angled upward by 5 degrees for a natural wrist position when climbing or sprinting. The bar’s mounting area is wide to allow an array of positions to accommodate many riding styles and body types.

The Vuka Alumina Clip (MSRP $120, €85), made from 2014 aluminum, provides the ultimate in fit, security and adjustability. The clip is available with either an above-bar or below-bar mounting system. The above-bar option is designed for use with Vuka Alumina Clip Risers, which come in 10, 25 or 50 mm heights (sold separately, cannot be stacked. MSRP $25, €18 per set) to dial in the perfect position for your fastest bike split or time trial. The clip also has a large armrest for increased comfort. The Vuka Alumina Clip has the industry standard 22.2 mm extension-clamp diameter for maximum versatility.

The clip serves as the key interface between the base bar and the aluminum Vuka Alumina Extensions (22.2) (MSRP $55, €39 per set), which are available in Ski-Tip or the new Vuka Race bend. The Ski-Tip bend is a popular choice among long-course triathletes and time-trialists alike. The Vuka Race bend -- designed using data compiled from thousands of bike fits on recreational and professional cyclists and triathletes – places the wrists at a more natural bend to help riders remain in their tuck to optimize aerodynamics.
In another new offering, Zipp’s new carbon Vuka Extensions (22.2) (MSRP $130, €92) provide more options for users of either the new Vuka Alumina base bar or the VukaBull base bar. The carbon extensions come in four styles: Straight, Ski-Tip, Vuka Race and Race Vuka Shift (compatible with SRAM 900 TT, 500 TT, R2C Aero Shifter and Zipp R2C shifters only). The Vuka Shift (MSPR: $200, €141) moves the shifter closer to the rider’s hand by almost an inch by mounting the shifter directly onto the extension, which helps allow riders to shift easily from their aerodynamic tuck.

Carbon Vuka Extensions and aluminum Vuka Alumina Extensions all have the industry standard 22.2 mm diameter. Both extension types are compatible with the new Vuka Alumina Clip, which is optimized for use with the new Vuka Alumina or previous generation VukaBull base bars but also is compatible with most base bars on the market.

“It’s a lightweight, super adjustable aerodynamic cockpit at a price point that works for a lot of people," Zipp Product Manager Nathan Schickel said of the Vuka Alumina aero cockpit. "It offers Zipp aerobar technology at a price that’s affordable for many people.”

BONUS! Listen in to our own Stu interviews Nathan about the new cockpit:

The Vuka Alumina base, clip and extensions as well as the carbon Vuka Extensions will be available in June. For more information visit Zipp.com or find a Zipp dealer near you.