Thursday, June 7, 2012

Matt Gets Fit

Matt gives us the details on getting fit to his QuintanaRoo CD0.1. Many thanks to Andy at HUB Endurance for the hospitality and expert knowledge. Ed. Note: you may be interested in Matt's adventures getting to Chattanooga.

Wow, that was quite a long drive!  No stops, no food, sole focus was get to Andy’s quick!  And that I did, I managed to turn a 6hr 9min predicted drive into a 4hr 55min ludicrous speed adventure.  Not the most beautiful route, tons of the same view the whole way, and plenty of rain to drown a crocodile.  But I made it!  I think I strolled into Andy and Heathers just a hair after 11PM.  Just in time for some brews and storytelling.  What an interesting 30hrs!

Waking up Sunday morning to a nice downpour was less than ideal for a Mother’s day, but what can you do? Everybody woke up, was in cheery moods, and ready to celebrate!  Heather had picked out a nice restaurant for brunch, and so graciously extended the invite for me to join.  Brunch was off the charts, we had Applewood smoked bacon, donuts, some other things that were like donuts but had a fancy name and had lots of powdered sugar, it was a pre-diabetics sugar freaks dream!  Thanks again to Andy and Heather for allowing me to join them for their mothers day celebrations!

After brunch was the bike fit!  After all the donuts, bacon, and bloody mary's, I was pretty full and not looking forward to getting on a trainer to ride, but knowing that I was one step closer to racing on the CD0.1, I was able to suck it up.  Little did I know I was walking right into a buzz saw.  Andy didn't inform me that I was going to be doing a bunch of serious intervals in order to find a dialed in fit.  UH OH!

All anger aside, that Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) is unreal!  This thing reminds me of the willy wonka elevator that goes every which way.  You can move the seat up and down, forward and back, angle it, adjust the headset up and down, as well as the angle.  And Andy, being the sly cat he is, felt like a funny guy, moving me around like I was remote controlled!  I did not see the humor in this.

I digress, and this time I mean all anger aside, that DFU is sick.  I was able to test quite a few positions and able to see the exact power and efficiency numbers across the board for 10+ positions.  After an hour and a half of tweaking the position we finally agreed.  We jumped off the DFU, and transferred that position onto the CD0.1.  We dialed the fit in on the CD0.1, and last up was cleat position.  As you would imagine, Andy has a crazy fancy electronic cleat positioner.  After another 5 minutes of testing with these special pedals, he was able to get enough information to dial my cleat position in. Fancy Pants Andy and I had done it!!  We were finally able to get the bike fit in!  After all the setbacks over the past month we came out victorious...only thing left to do is train :)

Mad Mad thanks to Andy and Heather for hosting me last weekend, allowing me to invade their Mother’s Day parade, and thanks to Hub for everything they have done with my bike.  Huge appreciation and gratitude to all who have helped out in the process.  I am very grateful!