Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sarah's 2012 Waseca Sprint Race Report

Sarah (aka Pharmie) checks in with a recent race report and continuing her mission to introduce new triathletes into the sport. Read on for all the details:

I checked off Waseca Sprint Triathlon off of my list of "I've always wanted to do that one" races. The race itself was beautiful. It was a gorgeous course, and Final Stretch, one of our local race companies, always puts on well-run, fun races. I was extra extra excited to be doing this race with my brother Matt and his girlfriend, Angela. Steve and I got Matt to the start line of his first tri 3 seasons ago, and now he was passing what he'd learned onto her. Steve and I managed to peel ourselves away from Olympic coverage by 10 PM. Henry was up for a quick snack at 11:45, and our alarm went off at 4 AM. We finished packing the car, woke Henry, gave him a quick snack, and loaded him into his car seat still wearing his jammies. We were off by 5. Parking near the race site was plentiful; we found a spot only 2 blocks away and were in transition by 6:30. Steve was my sherpa and baby wrangler. He had help. His parents also came to cheer and my mom came, too. After 9 seasons, she was finally going to be able to see me race! We found Matt and Angela, I set up my transition, then gave Henry a little Mama time.

Matt, Angela, Me, and Henry the Future Triathlete
The Swim: We watched the 1/3 iron racers begin their swim. Then Angela and I hopped in the water for a quick pep talk and to warm up a little. Then we were off!
 I found clear water pretty quickly. The women's waves were small, and we spread out easily. I finished the 1/4 mile swim in 10:32, which included a lengthy run up to T1.
Out of the water. I LOVE the quick release on my wetsuit!
T1: I spent a few extra seconds getting out of my wetsuit before I was able to step my way out of it. I need to remember not to even bother to sit to take it off. I had a great spot by the bike out. I was out in 1:16.

The Bike: My CD.01 rides like a dream, and I felt great. I definitely need to get in a few more hills before my next race. I got passed several times on the uphills, but I always caught them back on the downhills. I hit the turn around with an 18.7 MPH average, and that was against a little wind. I jostled back and forth with several other bikers, joking with them and encouraging them each time. I was hammering, and I hoped that my marathon training would get me through the run. My Joule showed a 19 mph average just before I dismounted. After I ran up through the grass to transition, it dropped to an 18.2 mph average.
Just off the bike heading up to transition!
T2: I lost a second or two since I passed right past my spot and had to turn around. I was out in 1:08
The Run: I hit the run and was ready to GO! I've been really trying to push through my long, slow distance mentality this year, and for the first time this summer, I was hungry. I left transition with a woman right in front of me. I've been really struggling with endurance on the run this summer, and my pre-baby speed just hasn't come back. I was really hoping that the start of marathon training a month ago would help. I hit the first mile in 8:33. Perfect. I was still feeling good heading to mile 2 and hit my watch in 8:22. I was able to stick with the woman from transition, and we were passing people left and right. I looked at my watch and saw an 8:09 at mile 3. I was still pushing to mile 4 but was finally starting to feel it. I made it in 8:19. The last of the run was supposed to be 0.4 miles, but Steve had warned me ahead of time that it was more like 0.25. I was trying to pick off a few last people before I hit the finish line in 2:04. My total run time was 35:30 for a total of 1:34:35. It was good enough to place 2nd out of 9 in my AG and 7th of 59 women.

I made my way back to my cheering section so we could cheer Angela in to her first triathlon. She did great! Of course, Henry had to help me with my post-race banana:
Then he wanted to help me with a few potato chips:
A few final thoughts:
  • I saw Mark, the race director, after the race. He asked how it went, and I told him truthfully that I wondered at mile one of the run if EVERY one of his races is this beautiful. From what I've seen, it's the case. Plus, they are so beginner friendly. I really love Final Stretch races.
  • My run speed is FINALLY coming back! Well, speed for me anyway. I'm seeing low 8s again, and it makes me SO happy! Intervals and distance are paying off.
  • This race was on my bucket list because I'd heard great things about it, even though it's only a few years old. I would love to come back next year to do the 1/3 iron distance. It's a fun, unique distance.
  • Angela had a blast! She's already signed up for her next race in two weeks. Go Angela!