Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day in the Life of Charlie

We're continuing our look into the typical daily/weekly/monthly life of Team Evotri. So far, we've had SarahSara, Michelle, and JP. Next up is our Cajun connection, Charlie.

Life has seasons.

This last week has been the transition between the triathlon off-season of winter to the get-back-in-to-it season of early spring. We started at the tail end of a several month holiday and Mardi Gras season and ended at the very beginning of Lent season.

Last weekend was spent eating and drinking. Seriously, that’s about all we did. Friday – gumbo and potato salad before a night parade. Saturday - our local Hephaestus Mardi Gras ball. Sunday - in New Orleans for a night parade, Bacchus, and dinner out on St. Charles Avenue. Mardi Gras day itself (Fat Tuesday – and I emphasize the “fat”) – at Grandma’s house on the parade route in Morgan City with family grilling and drinking beer. The final last big hoo-rah of holiday season.

Ash Wednesday morning we woke up in Lent, a season of fasting, reflection, discipline, starkness – a much-needed, immediate attitude adjustment quite different from the excessiveness of the past several months of holiday and Mardi Gras season. Overnight in my mind we switched from winter to early spring, from off-season to on-season, from Mardi Gras to Lent. It is time to start trying to live and eat healthier again. Time to get back in the pool for some swims, back on the Quintana Roo CD.01 for some rides, back in the Mizuno’s for some runs. It is time to try to get rid of some of that inner tube around my mid section that seemed to start last Thanksgiving.

“How many things by season season’d are,
To their right praise and true perfection!”
- William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice