Friday, February 22, 2013

A Week in the Life of Sara

We're continuing our look into the typical daily/weekly/monthly life of Team Evotri. Sarah (aka Pharmie) kicked things off a couple of days ago. Next up is our other Sara (aka TriSaraTops) and how she balances her two kids, teaching, and the swim/bike/run workouts.

For me, a typical week looks something like this:

I usually get up somewhere in the ballpark of 5:00am--mostly because it’s my guilt-free, no-one-and-nothing-needs-me time.  I’ll head to the pool for some yards or head down to the basement for my trusty treadmill and QR CD0.1 on the trainer.  During the summer, I’m outside of course, but with the ice and darkness I find it’s better to stick downstairs and listen to some good tunes or podcasts (or perhaps catch up on Homeland or the Daily Show) while I’m working out.  After a quick shower, it’s time to get my kids ready and get us all out the door somehow by about 7:10am.

I then head up to my school and put in a full day teaching history.  It’s never a dull moment!  I teach 9th grade World History and 10th grade AP U.S. History, so as the May national exam approaches you are more and more likely to find me working through lunch, mumbling about “can’t-someone-invent-a-DBQ-grading-machine,” and working with students pretty much every chance I get.  I lead a lunch review for my AP students and often work with students after school, so there is very little downtime, but as any teacher will tell you, the work is so rewarding that it often doesn’t feel like work.

At around 4:00pm, it’s off to get my kids and head home for some play time.  If it’s even remotely nice outside, that’s where we go.  My kids love to be outside so I try to put in as much outside time as I can!  We’ll grab our bikes and take a trip around the block, or maybe get our scooters and wagons and play in the driveway.  If the weather stinks, we might head up to the library and play for a bit.  This definitely reminds me I should mention that I love my crock pot so much I might have to marry it.  I am a HUGE fan of crock pot meals and try to plan out what we’re going to eat for the week so that I can maximize my time with my kids after school.

Dinner as a family is around 5:30, and then it’s some more playtime followed by the bath/brush teeth/read books/bedtime march.  This finally ends sometime around 8:30pm or so.  From there, I might either grade more DBQs (Document Based Questions for AP U.S. History) while Matt grades his math papers (he’s a teacher, too) or squeeze in a quick run or workout if the morning didn’t allow it.  On Wednesdays, I head up to my local bike shop for a killer trainer ride followed by yoga, and on Saturdays I try to meet with my friend to run.  I feel like I need at least a little social activity in my workouts, since all basement makes for a boring week!  Matt plays indoor soccer Friday night, so that’s his “thing,” and we both feel strongly that we should each have our own “things.”  Of course, we try to make time for each other, too, and have gotten better at really trying  to stick to some kind of a regular date every other week or so, even if it’s just for an hour talking over coffee at a bookstore while my parents watch the kids for a bit. 

In the summer, things change quite a bit.  We are both teachers, so we are both home, which is pretty amazing.  We definitely put in way more than 40 hours a week of work all year, so it is nice to have some down time and just play.  We spend a lot of time at the pool, park, beach, and I love swimming outdoors and riding my CD0.1 as much as I possibly can!  This is when I plan most of my races and also help other local area women train for their first triathlon, too. 

I’m really lucky to have such a great family in Evotri and all of our wonderful sponsors!  My weeks are crazy and exhausting, but full of great things and great opportunities.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.