Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Day in the Life of Tracy

We're in the homestretch of our look into the typical daily/weekly/monthly life of Team Evotri. So far, we've had Sarah, Sara, Michelle, JP, Charlie. Chris, and Simply Stu. Up now is Tracy, who comes back to the team after a year-long break from triathlon balancing a family and expanded responsibilities as she transitions from a single sport to back to three.

A lot has changed in a year.

When I was training for Ironman, I'd get up at 3:30 or 4:00 every morning to get my workouts in, then, teach full time, come home and do the domestic goddess of the universe thing, go to bed around 9:00 or so, rinse and repeat the next day. Now that our kids are in 5th and 6th grade, though, and there are music lessons, games, practices, performances, and troop meetings on top of family and bedtime routines in the evenings, I have no doubt that I'd promptly fall face first into my dinner were I to try that dark o'clock craziness again. So, training has become an evening thing, and by training, I mean skating, and by skating, I mean in a pack of seven other women, full throttle, stopping and turning forward, backward, and sideways on a dime, all while trying to block and knock the veritable will to live out of the opposing team's "jammer" (point scorer) as many times as possible in a two-minute period--taking care, of course, to avoid going to the penalty box in the endeavor. This is roller derby.

How I went from triathlon to roller derby is another post altogether, but suffice it to say for now, while it's been a blast, I'm in the process of transitioning back to triathlon training. Believe me when I say this is a JOB. Everything about roller derby is different, not jut the number of wheels on the ground. From muscle groupings to mindset, I feel like I'm starting all over as a tri-geek fledgling with trying to fit three sports into the slot I created for one.

Here's why:
My day starts at 5:00 in the morning. I shower, get dressed, leave my hair to air dry, spend ten minutes on makeup, and promptly set out to double check backpacks, homework, put together snacks, pack lunches, and fill water bottles for the day. Fast forward to 6:00, and it's time to wake up the kids...I flip on the lights and begin uncovering, tickling, poking, and even singing the Barney and/or Dora theme song -- much detested by the preteen -- in an effort to bring forth consciousness any way I can. Around 6:15, they rise from the dead, get dressed, and appear downstairs where breakfast ensues. By 6:30 we're packing up, and by 6:45 we're on the road to school.

I drop off our son first at their elementary school, then drive to the middle school to drop off our daughter for zero hour band (from which she'll take a school bus back to their elementary), then drive to my school and arrive by 7:30 (OK, 7:35 most days). And then..let the learning begin!


Because in addition to teaching high school English, I'm also the department chairperson, I'm responsible for the general management of the department and staff each day. I check our copiers, ensure that any subs have everything they need, etc., and then make my way to my classroom where three periods of 12th grade English Literature and two periods of 12th grade AP English Language and Composition await. One prep period and one department management period later, the bell rings, and I am either tutoring, writing curriculum, or attending meetings for an hour or so before then heading uptown to pick up our kids for the 30-minute drive home, that is, unless our son has a drum lesson that day, in which case, THEN we head home.

Fortunately, my husband is an amazing cook, so he usually handles dinner, after which we may have a Boy Scout meeting, basketball practice, or a flute lesson to get to before I can make some gluten-free, starch-free bread for the remainder of the week if need be, have everyone hit the showers, and then all cuddle on the couch for an hour or so of Netflixed Dr. Who before putting the kids to bed around 9:00.

This brings us to the magic hour in which, dear reader, now that derby practice is no more, I will need to start making time to train. The problem is, training for three sports takes up more time than the two hours twice a week that skating took, so I have a sneaking suspicion that if I ever want to say more than good morning and goodnight to my husband, I'm going to need to revive getting up before God again in order to train, at least for a few days a week.

Yep, a lot has changed in a year, and I think it's safe to say this is just the beginning!