Friday, March 1, 2013

A Week in the Life of Simply Stu

We're continuing our look into the typical daily/weekly/monthly life of Team Evotri. So far, we've had SarahSaraMichelleJP, Charlie. and Chris. Now, Simply Stu takes us through his week leading up to an early season half marathon.

Tuesday - Since this was race week, I finally got to take a break from my usual Tuesday speed work. Today I only had 5 easy miles on my schedule. After working a full day and running my scheduled miles at lunch, I had to teach spinning. This was such a great way to end the workday. After class, I packed for my trip to Mississippi for my half marathon.

Wednesday - Today was an off day of running. I almost felt guilty for not running, but did enjoy the day off. After work, I picked up the family and we headed towards Mississippi.

Thursday - We woke up early to beat the snowstorm that was heading directly towards us. It was another 6-hour day in the car, but it felt so nice to finally be in Mississippi to see my son. I miss him so much while he is away at college, so any excuse (like a ½ marathon) to travel south works for me. After a quick 3 mile run to shake out my legs, we headed out for a family dinner at our favorite place on the square.

Baseball? In February?
Friday - Friday was all about visiting the university and taking in a baseball game. Can you believe baseball has already started? After the game, I drove the marathon course. I was certainly prepared with my last 16 weeks of training, but this was one of the hilliest routes I have ever seen. I averaged between 35-40 miles of running during my training, so I felt really prepared to race. My goal was top three in my age group.

Rowan Oak - Home to William Faulkner

Saturday - My wife drove me to the start line so she could have the car. The plan was for the family to see me at the grove on campus. After a nice warm-up, the race was on. The first half-mile was straight down a hill. While it was a great way to start, the course finished up that same hill. My pace was right on schedule for the first 4 miles, but I started to feel a bit sluggish at mile 5 and 6. At mile 7 I saw my family, and this made my day! After seeing my family I negative split each of the last 6 miles. I didn't discover the negative split until I looked back at the data from the race. I attribute this to the training mileage I put in over the last 16 weeks. It was amazing to feel as good as I did. I finished 20th overall and 2nd in my age group. I have run faster half-marathon times, but it is really hard to compare since this route was so incredibly hilly!

UMiss Basketball vs. Auburn
We finished the day with a basketball game against Auburn and a family dinner. We walked back to the car and said our goodbyes. I can tell you that I hate goodbyes – it never gets easier. Oh, how I miss my son while he is away at college.

Sunday - We got up early on Sunday and headed back to Wisconsin. We drove 11 straight hours back to Wisconsin with only short stops.

Monday - It was back to work day. A long day in the office, but felt good to be back. After work I drove home, had dinner and prepared for my Rev3 Radio show on Tuesday with guests Lauren Goss and Heather Jackson.

With my run focus over, I will break for 2 weeks before I start a 10-week preparation for the Syttende Mai 10 miler. I will also get back on my Quintana Roo in preparation for the Evotri Chattanooga training camp!
Stu's QR CD0.1 ready for action