Monday, March 11, 2013

JP Catches up with Bryan Rhodes

JP: Last time we spoke with Rhodsey, he was sidelined with a major Achilles injury.  Fast-forward three years and you’re rehabbed and back mixing it up at the top of the sport.  What was it like coming back from massive injury like that?
Rhodsey: Yes it's been a long 3 years of rehab and strength from my Achilles rupture to get back to the top level needed to be a pro triathlete. Many days, nights, and weeks I didn't think that I would get there. The hardest thing is you want it so bad that you rush it.

 JP:  I’ve spotted you doing a bit of race commentary.  How did you get into that and how do you like it?
Rhodsey: The race commentary is something I'd really like to do when I finish racing as a Professional as I love being around triathletes and know all of the athletes who race. My life is triathlon and was lucky enough to get offered a position on the IronmanLIVE team for IronmanTexas which I jumped at. Then was offered again for Pro Ironman Champs in NYC that meant I couldn't race which is a pity as that race won't be held again. 

 JP:  I know this is the annoying interview cliché but it is a very interesting one for pro triathletes.  Where do you see yourself in five years?
Rhodsey: I'd like to be married or at least in a healthy relationship as my travel and race schedule has been horrible with having a long term Girlfriend plus Triathlete girls are super hard to live with.

JP:  Talk us through a typical training year for you. Where do you base yourself, routines that you have in different places, training partners, etc.
Rhodsey: I've traveled and trained everywhere but Christchurch, NZ and Boulder, Colorado are probably the two best places to train in the world with many triathletes there to join you on some sessions.

JP: If you had to pick one spot as a training venue for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
Rhodsey: Well I think I will finally settle down in Christchurch as I really miss my family when on the road and it's going to be such a cool city when they finish the earthquake rebuild. I'm really going to find the winters hard but it's only 3 hour flight to Queensland for some beaches and sun.
JP: Lately, we’ve had a bit of a go at each other over our bikes via Twitter.  Sadly you aren't on a Quintana Roo and are thus throwing away valuable minutes but that doesn't seem to bother you.  Tell the people what you are riding now and how you like it.
Rhodsey: Well I'm riding the fastest bike on the planet- the P5- and you are throwing watts down the toilet riding the QR. I've been with Cervelo for 15 years and the longest sponsored triathlete. I will die riding my Cervelos and won't be talked into riding any other bike!!

JP: I know you work with Phil over at Hypercat racing to dial in your bike fit.  How did you hear about Phil and what do you think of your new fit?  Was it a major overhaul or just little tweaks to get you set up on your new bike?
Rhodsey: Working with Phil has been awesome as he really has fitted some amazing bike rides and teams with Rabobank. We have been able to get me in a pretty aggressive low position on the P5 and it's super comfortable which allows me to run fast after a super hard ride. We will have a look over things again in April and see if we can get a bit more power out of me.

JP:  What are the plans for this year?

Rhodsey: I've just placed 5th at Challenge Wanaka and was a little disappointed as I had trained super hard and wanted the podium but was a bit too impatient at the start of the run and paid for it around the 15K mark. I was pretty even through my half times so that is positive. Just really would have loved a podium.

How are things in terms of sponsorship?
Rhodsey: Sponsorship has been brutal as I've sent out my resume to a lot of companies and not even had a reply, that's hard as I would rather have a "No" than "no reply" as I don't even know if they got my resume. I hope to have a few new sponsors but it's still a wait as see game. I was sick a couple of weeks ago and nearly chucked in the towel as hadn't had replies. I just went out and smashed my body around for two days and that help get my mind back in the game!!


  • Best race ever? Ironman Lankawi 2000 1st Ironman Win on my 28th Birthday, Winning Ironman Canada in 2008 is a close 2nd
  • Potato chips or French fries? Potato Chips
  • Beer: IPA or Stout? Stout
  • Favorite bike workout? Hill reps!! Even tho I'm not the best climber it hurts so good
JP:  Thanks for the time.

You can follow Rhodsey on twitter @Rhodseylive and check out his websites: & (both are under construction and will be ready soon.)