Monday, April 22, 2013

Team Q&A - Favorite Workouts: Charlie

Charlie's up! Read below to know how he answers,"What's your favorite workouts for each discipline?" In cased you've missed it, InchSaraRobMichelleSarah, JP, and Stu have all provided answers. 

My favorite workouts lately have been the progressively longer runs that my wife and I did with our third daughter Signe in preparation for the Louisiana Marathon. We have 4 daughters and have encouraged each of them to run a marathon with us while they are in high school. With 4 children we've really enjoyed some one-on-one time with each of them preparing for their marathons. We intentionally do not set any time goal - it's all just about running together and soaking up the day. They have each finished the marathons with such a sense of accomplishment - the experience of setting a big goal, preparing for it, and successfully completing it has really taught them a lot about life in general. So many people have things they want to accomplish in life but never figure out how to do it. Hopefully this marathon experience will teach our daughters to dream big, go after those special things in life wholeheartedly and not give up.