Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Team Q&A - Favorite Workouts: Michelle

We've heard from Inch and Sara, and Rob. Now Michelle lets us know, "What's your favorite workouts for each discipline?"

I know everyone is going to think I'm leaking out on this question, but I really am NOT! I have NO favorite workouts. There is no workout that stands out in my mind that compels me to feel love or adoration! However, workouts that I REALLY look forward to and literally can’t sleep the night before over are testing sessions. This is when I determine my state of affairs at the time. If it’s at the beginning of the season, they are used to plan workouts and set up goals. If it’s done as the season progresses, they are used to gauge progress. All very important elements of training. So, no, they are not my favorite but, yes, the ones I most look forward to.