Monday, April 15, 2013

Team Q&A - Favorite Workouts: Robby

We've heard from Inch and Sara, now Rob gets to answer, "What's your favorite workouts for each discipline?"

I can't lie. I love swimming. There are so many great sets, but one of my favorites that it's easy to riff on is a pyramid. Recently, my preferred size is 100/200/400/200/100. You can play with these values to match your current strengths and even add some toys to make it fun. Or, you can use a pull buoy on the way up and just swim on the way down. Mix in some kicks, too. Start fast and end slow on the way up and reverse it on the way down; the possibilities are pretty close to endless. On the bike, I usually just ride, but if I have any fun, it's to act like a dog and chase vehicles as they pass you. Or, chase after a telephone pole in the distance, etc. On two feet, tempo runs are my go to. (Just like Sara!) A good way to get the heart pumping and build some endurance.